November 20, 2017

I Know a Real Live Author!

Oh my stars! I am so excited...for my longtime blogging friend (even though I've been out of touch lately), Dawn Paoletta at Enthusiastically, Dawn. She is a gifted writer and poetess.  She is also (and this is the shared interest that solidified our friendship) a absolute journaling fanatic.  She has hosted journaling blog hops and journaling boot camps.  She has reviewed so many absolutely gorgeous journals, the descriptions of which, left me drooling in severe want to unleash my own words on those lovely blank pages. Now she is also a published author!

In the process of clearing out my inbox this morning, I found an email from Dawn announcing that her book is now in print and available on Amazon.  Accompanying the announcement was a lovely letter of thanks written to all the women she felt had encouraged her and made the book possible. I am so humbled to be included on that list....and even more so to see that she mentioned all of us under "Acknowledgements" in the book.

Of course I ordered her book, Journaling for Discovery and Delight: Creative Prompts for Your Journey, right away.  It should arrive Friday and I can't wait. You can expect a full review once I read it.

November 19, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Thanksgiving Reflections

It's late Saturday night here or technically, very early Sunday morning and there's no chance I'm going to sleep for a bit...I'm too wide awake after babysitting our youngest grandson till 12:30 and now the cold front is moving through with high winds and driving rain. It's very, very LOUD and the dogs are a bit antsy with it. So, it's just you, me, a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel and this week's Sunday Stealing questions. Thank you, Bev, for providing entertainment for insomniacs each week.

Let's get on with things. Bev found some great questions just in time for Thanksgiving which is a time to reflect for most of us.

From Bev:

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, I thought it might be fun to find a set of Thanksgiving-related questions.  This came from a site called Documented Legacy

1.  What made you feel patriotic this year?  Gosh, I can't think of anything specific at the moment. I am a very patriotic person in general with a lot of pride in and love for my country.  Even when we are behaving badly I am thankful to live in a country that allows us each to hold and express our own views.

2 . What do you value most about your life?  Other than my faith in God, that would definitely be my family. All of it from my husband, kids, and grandkids, to my mom and stepdad, to my cousins and all the family I inherited when I married my hubby. (He's the middle sibling of seven so that's a LOT of inlaws!)

3.  What do you appreciate about your friendships?  Companionship, shared interests, deep conversations, dependability, laughter, honesty, accountability...I love my friends. They are varied and they all bring something different to the relationship.

4.  Name one person who can make you laugh, even months later. Why?
  My friend's son. He's only a few years younger than me so we come from similar pasts and have many of the same points of reference. He has a wickedly, intelligent, and slightly nerdy sense of humor (the same as me) so he often has me laughing till I cry.

.  What is the funniest thing you remember about a Thanksgiving past?  It wasn't funny at the time, but now we look back on it and laugh... My aunt sort of invited us for Thanksgiving one year along with my mom and her sons and all her grandchildren.  There were about 20 people for dinner and she had a 10 pound turkey, one bowl of mashed potatoes, one dish of green bean casserole, and about a million stuffing balls. My two cousins and the male cousins are....well, to be blunt, HOGS. They loaded up their plates and didn't give a thought to anyone else. The rest of us got about 10 bites of food. We were starving as we headed to Thanksgiving with my husband's family. We arrived just as they finished cleaning up after the meal. Even after hearing our story of woe, they didn't offer us any food. Not even a piece of pie. My hubby got mad and we didn't stay long. We ended up stopping at Kmart (it was the first year it was open on Thanksgiving) to buy mac and cheese and a few other odds and ends to make up a meal at home.

6.  Do you have any unusual traditions, rituals or habits around Thanksgiving?  Nope. We are terribly traditional.

7.  Name one ancestor that you think about on Thanksgiving and tell us why. 
I obviously didn't know them, but on Thanksgiving I always think about John and Priscilla Alden of the Mayflower. They are something like my 12-times great grandparents. I know it's not in vogue to think kindly of the Pilgrims these days, but I am in awe of what courage it took to get on that ship and sail to a new and unknown land, of the strength it took to get through those first few years, and to be part of building a new nation. I not only think kindly toward them, but I admire them and am proud to claim them as ancestors.

8.  Is there a family heirloom at the Thanksgiving table? What its story?  I don't know of anything specific, but my family is all about antiques and passing things on so there is bound to be something that belonged to someone else.

9.  What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving Day?  I like that my stepdad gives up football while we are there to watch the Macy's parade and the dog show (the dog show is a relatively new tradition) and I like the family playing games together after dinner is over and the table cleared.

10. What random act of kindness did you perform or that was done to you this year that makes you feel grateful?  I can think of kindnesses done for me and by me, but I can't say any were random. The one I'm especially thankful for is my boss covering for me during a very busy time at work when we were already shorthanded so I could have the week of our daughter's wedding off.

11. What do you appreciate about the change of seasons?  I appreciate the variety and the different feel of each one. Except for winter. I am not a fan of winter here in southwestern PA. Winter here is so dreary...gray sky, gray trees, gray ground, gray snow (after a few days it's pretty dirty), and everything gets covered with salt residue and is dull looking. It's just...blah.

12. Name five things that make you happy about today.
  It's the start of a 3-day work week to be followed by a 5-day weekend, I'm continuing with the Christmas decorating, I don't have anywhere to go, the football team of the school district I drive for won their district championship Saturday night, there will be a big pot of homemade soup simmering on the stove this afternoon.

13. How has the celebration of Thanksgiving today changed from when you were little?  Mainly, it's the size of the celebration. During my childhood the whole family, sometimes both sides (Mom's and Dad's), got together. We'd have 15, 20, or more siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins for dinner. Now everyone has either passed away or moved from the area. We only have us, my mom and stepdad, and our daughter's family (and them only for a while as they have to split the day with her husband's family). Well, that and the fact that we actually used to take time to focus on the actual holiday not on the Christmas shopping or football.

14. If you could share Thanksgiving dinner today with one person in history who would it be? Why? (Note: it can be a relative)  Only one? I'd love to have my dad, my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle back for a day. If I must choose one of those, then it would be my grandmother. She and I had a very special relationship.

15. What is one wish you have for the next generation as they begin to establish their own Thanksgiving traditions.
  That they would focus on the people around the table because time passes quickly and all too soon those people are gone.

Wow, this one was very reflective and really made me think about times past.  It was good to remember those days, but it kind of made me sad thinking about how much has changed.  

November 17, 2017

Saturday 9: Son-of-a-Preacher-Man

Joining in with Sam and the gang over at the Saturday 9 and loving this week's song. It brings back memories of riding in the car with mom and singing along with the radio. Thanks Sam for a great choice! 

Saturday 9: Son of a Preacher Man (1968)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) This song was originally offered to Aretha Franklin, who turned it down. What's the most recent thing that you said "no" to?  The half of a bus run to bring a student in a wheelchair back from the vocational technical school. It ate up the whole middle of my day for just a few dollars. It wasn't worth it so I told my boss to find someone else.
2) Two years later, Aretha recorded "Son of a Preacher Man." What's something you changed your mind about?  The mother-of-the-bride gown I bought for our daughter's wedding. I was never thrilled with it and three days before the wedding I bought another dress.

3) This song tells the tale of Billy Ray, a young man who could be very persuasive. If we wanted to change your mind about something, would you be more easily swayed by an emotional argument, or with verifiable facts?  Just the facts ma'am. Emotions can lie and I've been burned by them before.
4) If you ordered a "Son of a Preacher Man" in a bar, you'd get a cocktail made with peppermint schnapps, gin and lemonade. When did you last have lemonade? Was it just lemonade, or was it spiked with alcohol?  Sometime back in the summer and it was just lemonade, was some fruit flavored lemonade from Countrytime.  I can't remember what fruit was in the mix, but it was really good. Black cherry?

5) Dusty had a thing for maps. She admired them artistically and enjoyed using them to take long car trips. Do you use printed maps? Or do you rely on technology, like GPS or Google Maps? 
I always used to use an atlas to travel, laying the route out with colored highlighters after looking it up on Google maps.  My car has built in GPS that's really accurate so I've not used maps since I got it.

6) As a girl, she attended convent school. There, one of the nuns discouraged Dusty from performing, telling her that if she would do better to be a mother or a librarian. When you were growing up, did the adults in your world encourage your dreams?
  My grandmother sure did. She was my biggest champion. My parents gave me tons of opportunities, but didn't really encourage my dreams like my grandmother.
7) That nun inspired Dusty's first major act of rebellion. In an attempt to make herself look less like a future librarian or housewife, she bleached her hair platinum blonde. In school, were you much of a rebel? Or did you conform to the expectations adults had of you?  Mostly I conformed, I think. I was an overachiever in school, but I had a secret rebellious side. My dad was very strict and very old-school, he was totally against wearing jeans anywhere but at home for play and chores. It was the 70s and 80s so I disagreed which meant I had to sneak jeans to school and change when I got there and back out of them before I got home. I also partied a bit more than my parents ever suspected.

8) Early in her career, Dusty provided the entertainment at a family summer camp. She appeared on the bill with a clown, a fire-eater and a hypnotist. Have you ever been hypnotized?
  They tried in high school in a philosophy or psychology class, but it didn't work.  It didn't work a few years ago when I gave it a shot for weight loss, either.

9) Random question: Have you ever played matchmaker to your friends? If yes, did your efforts lead to romance?  Not for any friends, but I did for my sister-in-law and one of my husband's coworkers. Did it lead to romance? They've been married over 20 years.

November 11, 2017

Sunday Stealing: The Simple Life

Well, I am home safe and sound. The trip took all day as we stopped at most of the antique and thrift shops we came across.  We didn't buy anything, but it was fun to look.  We did buy our youngest grandson's first birthday gift at Cracker Barrel. It is so stinkin' cute and I am dying to show it to you, but we don't want anyone to see it before his party on Dec. 10, so I'm not posting pictures anywhere. I promise to share right afterward.

Mom has been relieved of her dog-sitting duties and the puppies are snuggled up against me, glad to have me home. My hubby is worn out from doing all the driving and is sound asleep on the sofa.  It seems that I have plenty of time to answer the Sunday Stealing questions for this week so let's get to it.  If you enjoy my answers and find yourself answering the questions pop over to the site where you can find the rules to join in and links to all the other players.

This is from a blog called Haley from Home.  Haley is a mom in the UK.  She's a mom to 3 boys and is on a quest for a simple life.

What are five things you would like to do more?  1) Sleep. I just can't seem to sleep more than about 5 hours no matter how tired I am.  2) Exercise.  3) Travel/go on vacations.  4) See our two older grandkids. We were going to stop and see them today, but our granddaughter is sick in bed with a fever.  5) Spend fun time with my husband.

What is your quote to live by?  It has been different things at different times in my life. At the present time it is 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

What was the best thing that happened this week?  Getting away for a few days.

What is something you are stressed about?
  It's pretty much always our financial situation.

What book has influenced your life?
  Always the Bible and recently, Driven by Eternity.

Share a childhood memory.
  I had chickens at my grandparents house. It started with one rooster and one hen (Eric and Eloise) and then they had many chicks. And those chicks grew up and they had many chicks. And those chicks had chicks. And...  Well, you get the idea. As there got to be more and more chickens running around it became impossible to tame and make pets out of all of them. My grandfather decided all the roosters except Eric needed to go. His plan was to shoot them. I convinced him to let me make a Wiley Coyote Acme-inspired trap instead. It was simple....a wooden crate propped up on a stick with an ear of seed corn under it. To the surprise of everyone, IT WORKED!

What fictional character would you most like to be?
  I can't think of anyone, but if you could find a character that gets to see a lot of the world and also does a lot to help others....that's who I want to be like.

What is something you are proud of?
  My family tree. I am blessed to have had people in both sides of my family that researched and recorded our heritage and others who thought to preserve information and remember and pass on the old stories.  Through my mom's dad's family I am a descendant of John and Priscilla Alden.

What was the last thing you celebrated?
  Technically, our trip to Erie was for our 33rd anniversary, which is on the 17th.

What are weird things you like?
  Being the first person to stick a knife into a new jar of peanut butter or tub of butter, talking to myself, talking to the dogs, kitschy tourist stops of the early-mid 20th century, and memes. I like memes.

What is your favorite song to sing?
  Not that I can actually carry a tune across the road in a bucket, but I always sing along with this:

Name three things you do well.  Procrastinate, cook, plan events.

What are your priorities in life?
  My relationship with Jesus, my marriage, and my family.  In that order, because I believe if my relationship with Jesus is in good shape He will take care of the rest.

What is something that scares you?
  The thought of growing old and becoming dependent on someone else to take care of me.

Best book you read this year?
  Driven by Eternity by John Bevere. It has really made me think about a lot of things.

Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight

Hey everyone, I'm back after a two week break from the internet.  While I am back, I'm not exactly back. I am in fact, sitting in a hotel room in Erie, PA.  The hubby and I are enjoying a long weekend. I had 2 days off because of parent-teacher conferences and Veteran's Day so my hubby agreed to take a couple of vacation days with a minimal amount of arm-twisting.  He's zonked out for the night, but we've been having a wonderful time in spite of arctic cold and a bit of snow.

Anyway....on with the show.

I'm joining in with Sam and the gang at Saturday 9 for some musical fun. If you enjoy this week's tune be sure to stop over and let Sam know. You can even find the rules to join the fun and links to the other players.

Saturday 9: Get Down Tonight (1975)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Tonight, KC has three things on his "to-do" list: do a little dance, make a little love and get down. Tell us three things you'd like to accomplish this weekend. Hmm...I've pretty much accomplished what I hoped to for the weekend and it's only Friday night. I'm on a little getaway and have spent 2 whole days with my hubby so far (!!!), I saw some of my cousins and we had dinner with them, we followed part of the wine trail and restocked our supply, we ate at my favorite diner, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at a local Italian place, I found cute little booties with barely any heel, I found sexy knee-high black, leather Guess boots, and I picked up a few Christmas gifts.

2) This week's song is considered emblematic of disco, a genre that had as many detractors as fans. Is there a kind of music you simply cannot stand?
I'm not really a fan of pure, hardcore rap or any kind music that promotes/glorifies violence and hate.

3) Before becoming a musician, KC, aka Harry Casey, worked in a record store. In those days, record stores were very popular. Peaches, Coconuts, Sam Goody and Tower Records are four store chains that once dotted the landscape but now are gone. Today, if you wanted to purchase a CD, where would you turn? 
One of the big box stores like Walmart or Target or online from Amazon or something.

4) One of his duties at the record store was unloading the big corrugated shippers filled with LPs. What's the heaviest thing you've lifted lately?
I hefted my big dog into the tub last week. I think he weighs about 70 pounds.

5) KC is proud that he's lived his entire life in Miami-Dade County. Do you expect to change your address in the next year or so?
  Not unless I win the Powerball.

6) In 1975, the year this song was popular, former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, never to be seen again. Many theories flourish about what may have happened to him. Is there a famous criminal case that has a hold on your attention?
  No, I can't think of any. My husband loves watching the true crime shows. That's more than enough for me.

7) Jaws was the most popular movie of 1975. Are you afraid of sharks?
  Terrified and it's all because I nagged my mom until she gave in and took me to see Jaws. I haven't been in the ocean further than my ankles since.  And confession time....for months afterward I was scared to let a hand or foot hang over the edge of the bed for fear a shark would bite it off.

8) Actress Angelina Jolie was born in 1975. People magazine once named her "most beautiful." Who is the most beautiful woman you can think of?
  I've always thought Sandra Bullock is quite lovely and under rated.

9) Random question: A wizard offers you a choice -- would you like your life to stay as it is right now (in terms of your health, your career, your relationships and your finances) for the next 5 years, or would you like to take a chance that the future will be brighter?
  I would take a chance.

That's it for this week. Thanks for playing along. I'm going to say goodnight and call it a day.  It's late and we have a full day of antiquing our way back home tomorrow (and maybe a stop by our son's house to visit him and his family).

October 30, 2017

Spiritual Wisdom for a Happier Life

Mark W. Baker, PhD has done the seemingly impossible with Spiritual Wisdom for a Happier Life: How Your 8 Key Emotions Can Work for You. He took what can be a complicated and dry topic and explained it in clear, easy to understand language for everyone. 

When the book first arrived in the mail I cringed at its thickness...nearly 400 pages...and nearly groaned out loud at the thought of slogging through a bunch of psychological mumbo jumbo written in terms best understood by others in the same profession.  To my surprise, the chapters average only 3-4 pages in length so there's no room for droning on and on and Dr. Baker made it interesting. Each chapter contains an example case to illustrate his point and show that in all these areas, change and improvement is possible.

Another thing that sets this book apart from others is that Dr. Baker is also a theologian and he takes each psychological principle he shares and finds what the Bible has to say about it.  That is really something different from a professional in the field.

I loved how clearly each emotion and the components that make it up were explained and how there were so many examples.  I gained a lot of insight, not only into the behaviors of those around me, but also into the workings of my own emotions and how they influence me.  That produced a much greater understanding and compassion in my thinking.  There were many "a-ha" moments.

The one thing I would like to see, maybe in another book, is for Dr. Baker to give the reader some tools to work with.  In this book he clearly spells out what the problem is and says it must be changed or stopped for things to be different, but he doesn't give the reader any tools to help them switch gears in their thinking.  It's easy to say, "stop worrying" or "let go of anger" but much harder to put it into practice. A few tips on how exactly to do those things would be a welcome addition.

On the whole, this was a very good book and an easy, interesting read. I'd recommend it for anyone who may struggle with or have someone in their life who is feeling hurt, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, sorrow, or fear to pick up the book as a starting place. At the very least you will see you are not alone in the things you are feeling and the ways that you react to those feelings.

October 28, 2017

Another Monster Mash Up

Welcome to a haunting edition of Sunday Stealing!  By the 31st we will be all over Halloween here. Trick-or-treat was last night in the rain. Our daughter was so excited about our grandson's first Halloween that she drug him all around anyway.  I don't think he was impressed, but he sure was cute...and boy, did he clean up on candy (that he isn't even allowed to eat)!

Of this week's questions, Bev writes:

In honor of the appoaching Halloween, I found this weirdly formatted set on a question meme site.

ghost: what would you like on your tombstone? I don't even know if I want a tombstone. I've been thinking, lately, that maybe I want to be cremated...not that it will make any difference to me at that point, but it would be financially kinder to my family and better for the planet.  If I end up buried under a stone I want it to be memorable...either a really cool sculpture or engraving or a great quote/funny saying.

dracula: are you afraid of aging? or death?  Death doesn't scare me because I am confident in where I am going.  Aging is another story.  I try not to think about it or worry, but what will become of me when I am old is one of my middle of the night fears.

nosferatu: what, as a child, did you imagine went bump in the night? I don't know that I had anything in particular in my mind, but I definitely thought a lot of stuff went bump in the night when I was a kid.

godzilla: what do you do when you are angry? are you ever destructive?  I try to remember to turn to prayer to keep it under control, but I'm not always successful. What I do when I fail depends on who or what I am angry at. Sometimes I yell or say snarky stuff, but mostly I go silent and fume. I'm never destructive.

the blob: do you collect anything? if so, what & why?  All kinds of books with a collection of cookbooks within that collection. Why? Because they are books, isn't that enough?  And I like to cook.

zombie: when was the last time you trusted your gut? was it successful? I don't think my "gut" talks to me except concerning relationships (not just romantic ones) and yeah, it's usually right about those. 

mothra: what is something dangerous that attracts or fascinates you?  Tornadoes. I've been through one and I'm sort of nervous about them, but I'm also morbidly fascinated. There is nothing like a good tornado movie...and Into the Storm is the best!

king kong: what are some questionable choices you've made lately?  I don't think I've made any lately. I've gotten a lot better over the years about thinking things through. In fact, I probably think too much about things before I act.

alien: what is your strangest feature?  My ears. I hate my ears.

cthulhu: do you like the ocean? why or why not?  I like it. I like to walk by it, look at it, hear it, smell it, boat on top of it, fish in it, see the things that live in it...but I do NOT get in it past my ankles. Ever.

nessie: have you ever felt invisible to people -- the feeling of not existing? Yeah, it's one of the things I have to stay on guard for when I fall into the whole over thinking things trap.

On a more serious note...

mutant spider: what is one of your biggest fears?  Snakes, sharks (why I don't get in the ocean), being old and alone or at the mercy of heaven only knows who.

werewolf: if you could change into any nonhuman animal and back at will, what animal would you change into and why?  A camel. Camels are cooler than heck and they've got attitude in spades. 

golem: if you could make up an imaginary friend, what would they be like and why?  Why would I want an imaginary friend...unless it's to keep me company in that nursing home with horrible caretakers I'm going to end up in?

leprechaun: what is your "pot of gold" (or white whale, if you'd rather)  By this you mean the thing that I pursue and yet it eludes me?  Losing weight.  I've lost some, but....  Well, that and a winning billion dollar Power Ball ticket.

sharktopus: what is something you've done that was ridiculous or a bad decision?  Not that I regret marrying my husband, but I should have finished my degree first.

robot: what is a habit you do without thinking?  Using good manners. My dad absolutely drilled them into my head and messing up brought swift punishment. I have to admit to being a wee bit of a snob when it comes to least in those who should know better.

October 27, 2017

We Did the Mash...the Monster Mash!

Welcome to the Halloween edition of Saturday 9! Well chosen, Sam...I loved this song when I was a kid. Let's get on with it and have some fun and please be sure to stop by and visit the Saturday 9 site to find direct links to other bloggers playing along or for the rules (there really aren't any) if you'd like to join in.

Saturday 9: Monster Mash (1962)

Unfamiliar with this week's featured song? Hear it here.

1) In your younger days, did you ever trick or treat while dressed as a monster or ghoul?   My mom was a librarian and one year the art teacher at the elementary school Mom worked at (and I attended) made paper mache monster masks for all the teachers.  They were really something.  Mom's was sort of a lady Frankenstein with greenish skin, curly newspaper hair, long black construction paper eyelashes, and HUGE sparkly red lips.  I thought it was the coolest thing, as did many of my friends.  I wore it a few times over the years.  I haven't seen it in ages, but I know it is still packed away in a box in Mom's attic.

2) Do you enjoy being frightened by celluloid boys-gone-bad, like Michael Myers (Halloween) or Jason (Friday the 13th)?   NO!  I like spooky things, but hate true horror films, all-to0-realistic haunted houses, and the rest.

3) When you were a kid, did you ever TP a neighbor's house or indulge in any other Halloween acts of vandalism? (Don't worry, the statute of limitations is up.)  I may have TPed a house or two, though I don't really remember.  Around here, "corning" was big (that's throwing dried, shelled corn at houses if you don't know), but I was pretty much under threat of permanent grounding if I ever got caught doing that so I never did.

4) Will you be attending any Halloween parties this year? If so, will you dress up?  We went to a Halloween bonfire last weekend.  I dressed as a unicorn because I found an awesome rainbow unicorn wig.  I will probably dress up next week for the kids on the bus, too.  It kind of stinks, though, that we aren't allowed to give the kids treats any more.  Too many kids with food allergies and sensitivities. 

5) Can you see any Halloween decorations as you answer these 9 questions?  I have a jack-o-lantern (not real) in the living room window and an animated, singing dog in a pumpkin costume right beside it.  That's the extent of my Halloween decorations.  I didn't even set out my "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" figurines.

6) While Halloween is most popular in the United States and Canada, and isn't really celebrated at all in Japan or South Korea. How would you explain our Halloween customs to a visitor from another land?  Greedy little buggers egged on by their parents go door-to-door (often in multiple neighborhoods) mooching free candy from people their parents don't know and can't trust not to poison it or fill it with razor blades.  The greed is so complete that even teenagers and adults now trick-or-treat.  Adults use it as an excuse to dress up in another identity, drink and behave badly.  I'm not a big fan....can you tell?

7) "Monster Mash" is one of Halloween's most played songs. Are you happy to hear it every year? Or does it set your teeth on edge?  I've always liked the song.  It was, and still is, a fun song.  And it beats the heck out of "One-eyed, One-horned, Flying Purple People Eater."

8) This week's featured artist, Bobby "Boris" Pickett, started as a stand-up comedian who incorporated his imitations of Boris Karlof and Bela Lugosi into his act. Can you impersonate anyone?  I used to be able to do a pretty good version of Dana Carvey's Church Lady, but I haven't tried in years.  I don't know if I can still do it or not.

9) Dick Clark was an impossibly young looking 33 in this week's featured clip. Are you often told you look good for your age?   I guess in a round about way.  Most people think I'm about 10 years younger than I am.

Trick or Treat is tonight in our area so I'll just wish you a spooktacularly.....

October 22, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Sleepy Rambles

Good morning and welcome to Sunday Stealing, the fun-est bunch of thieves on the internet! Sunday Stealing is the weekly meme where the questions are stolen from other blogs (just like other memes), but where credit is given (at least one place back).

This week Bev says:

Bud stole a meme from Sleepy Rambles several years ago.  I checked the site out and found a lot more. (Someone complained it took a long time to answer these memes, so I only chose 15 questions this time!)

Have you ever eaten at restaurant and you realized you forgot your money?  I don't think so.  I can't remember it ever happening, anyway.

True or false-you can pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time. Only with great concentration. I am not naturally that coordinated.

Do you prefer to drink out of cans or bottles?  Bottles, though I don't really mind cans.

Do your socks match today?  What socks?  I've been barefoot all day.

What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it?
  I'm currently reading Spiritual Wisdom for a Happier Life: How Your 8 Key Emotions Can Work for You by Mark W. Baker, PhD. It's one of the books I get for free and review for Revell Publishing and yes, I would recommend it.  It's nearly 400 pages but it's written clearly in understandable language and the chapters are only 3-4 pages long.  I've really gained a lot of insight into what's behind the behavior of others as well as about myself.

Are you currently borrowing something from someone? 
No, I don't think so. I can't think of anything, anyway.

Write an extremely random statement.
  "I had to wait three hundred years for a virgin to light a candle."  Sorry, I'm watching Hocus Pocus.

Are there any major holidays you don’t celebrate?
  Assuming you are asking about American holidays, the answer is no.

What is one thing you will never understand? 

Have you ever stepped on a bee?  Yes, and the little bugger stung me on the toe.

What helps you wake up in the morning?  Diet Coke

What did you have for breakfast this morning?  I don't eat breakfast since I've been trying to follow a 16-hour fasting plan. It's working. I've lost 30 pounds since June.

What is your favorite thing in your room?  You said "my" room. The only room in the house that is totally mine is my office and I hardly know where to start to choose a favorite thing in there. All of my favorite stuff is in books, my journals, my crafts, family photos, my great-grandmother's dough box that my favorite aunt gave me before she died, my signed and numbered print from the 2013 Chincoteague Pony Swim (I waited my whole life to go to that!), the sweet little writing desk I bought at an auction for $7....

Who was your first kiss with?  Technically speaking, with a boy named Joey Bradshaw in 1st grade.  My first "real" kiss was at a school dance in 9th grade with a boy named Gene.

Do you worry about small things?  Not really.  I try not to worry about the big things either since all the worry in the world won't change a thing, but I can't say I'm always successful.