September 24, 2017

Sunday Stealing: I Survived the Wedding Edition

Sitting here at 12:01 A.M. trying to get my legs to quit cramping so I can go to bed. It's been a long, long day...but a mostly good one.  Our daughter's wedding was today. I'm sure the bridal party is still partying up a storm, but those of us who have been up since before the crack of dawn to make it all happen are whipped. If these darn cramps ever let up, I'm sure I'll sleep better than I have in ages. Too bad the men all chose 8:00 A.M. as the time for us all to meet and clean up so everything can be ready to go back to the rental place.

Still, it was a beautiful day and my stepdad's farm provided a lovely setting.  Here's a peek (more pics on Monday, if you're interested).

Our hostess, Bev, says today's meme was written by a Marissa Seymour for a post titled Today is a Fashion Show & the World is My Runway

1. A way to win your heart.

Be kind, be funny, be honest about who you are, and treat me like I matter to you.

2. Something you feel strongly about.

Snakes. I loathe the things and have never met one I like.

3. A book you love.

Nobody's ever heard of it, but one of the best books I've ever read is called Lottery by Patricia Wood. It's about a guy who is a little, okay a lot, slow....but he's not retarded as he points out right at the beginning. He's one IQ point above the cut off for that. Anyway, he and his grandmother have always played the lottery and they finally win, but Grandma goes and dies.  The rest of the story is how people look out for him or try to take advantage of him and how he's a lot smarter than people think he is. It was a beautiful story and beautifully written. It deserves to be a modern classic, but it doesn't seem to have gotten any recognition.

4. Five pet peeves.

Drivers who go really slow then break all land speed records when you try to pass them.
Any sentence that begins with "I don't mean to judge (speak ill of, be nosy, etc.), but..."
Drivers who pull out in front of school buses so they don't have to be behind them...only to take the very next turn.
Drivers who run the red lights on a school bus. It happens way more than you'd imagine, even out here in the sticks where I drive.
Getting a drink at the drive-thru and the beverage is overflowing the lid and running down the sides and they don't know/care enough to wipe it off or at least hand you some napkins to wipe it off.

5. What you ate today

Not very much...too much excitement and waaaay too hot...but there were plenty of options available at the wedding (roast chicken, barbecue pulled pork, baked ziti, potato casserole, green beans with bacon, baked beans, pasta salad, fiesta corn, and lots of cookies and cupcakes).

6. How important do you think education is?

I was raised to think that it was the only way to get ahead and make something of yourself, but I don't agree any more. I think, that yes, everyone should have a basic level of formal education, but these days the kids who get some kind of technical training seem to have far more job opportunities than someone with a liberal arts degree.

7. Five people you find attractive

My husband, Kyle Chandler, Simon Cowell (I have no explanation for that one), Sam Elliot (and most cowboys), and Toby Keith on a good day.

8. What you wore today.

A deep wine colored lace dress and silver sandals.

9. Something you always think “what if” about.

Usually it's about the choices I made when I was younger concerning school.

10. Something you’re proud of

Losing 30 pounds and I'm not done yet.

11. Something you lust after.

Ford Mustangs. Grabber Blue with black rally stripes, please?

12. A word/phrase that makes you laugh.

Can't think of any specific one.

13. A quote you try to live by.

There are a everyone, treat people the way you want them to treat you, it's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt (think before you speak).

14. Something you like and dislike about yourself.

I like that I am fair. I make it a point to try and understand where someone is coming from and allow them some grace.  I don't like being an introvert.

15. A problem that you have had.

Well, the biggest one I had today was realizing that we totally forgot about napkins for the cookie table and the bar. Luckily, Mom had quite a few in the house. 

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September 20, 2017

Falling for the Hodgepodge

1. What's something you'd rate a 10/10? Tell us why. 

The customer service at Lane Bryant stores. I hadn't been in one for years until this morning. I was in search of a bra that would work with the dress I have for my daughter's wedding and that also happened to fit and feel comfortable. The saleswoman and the manager both helped me. They have large comfy dressing rooms that are reserved with your name on the door until you are done shopping and the saleswoman did all the running back and forth to get me new styles and sizes so I didn't have to keep getting dressed and running out of the dressing room. The manager even came and helped me with fitting.

2. What job would you be terrible at? What makes you think so? 

Being a waitress. First of all, I'm sort of not graceful and I'm sure folks would rather have their food put on the table than dumped in their lap. I'd probably also have a hard time staying "nice" when people were yelling and complaining at me as much as I've witnessed some doing. People can get pretty cranky when it comes to their food!

3. When did you last take a fall? What's something you're falling for (in a good way) these days? 

My last fall....I think it was two winters ago, or maybe three, on the icy parking lot at work. It's gravel so it gets plowed, but they don't salt it. It just gets a few cinders now and then. I've wiped out there several times and my left knee accumulates fluid now and then because of all the falls.  What am I falling for? The new Holley Gerth book that came in yesterday's mail. It's very good and I will be posting a review in October.

4. According to the Travel Channel here are some of America's best fall festivals-

National Apple Harvest Festival (near Arendtsville PA, close to Gettysburg), Harvest on the Harbor (Portland Maine), German Village Festival (Columbus Ohio), Wellfleet Oyster Fest (Cape Cod), and Wine and Chile Fiesta (Santa Fe NM)

Have you ever been to any of the festivals listed? Which one appeals to you most? Does your hometown have any sort of fall celebration, and if so will you make it a point to attend?

I haven't been to any of the festivals listed, but I'd love to go to all but the German Village Festival. I don't know why, but it just doesn't appeal to me. The one in PA is close enough to me to be doable and the rest involve the shore and seafood or New Mexico...all of which are among my favorite things.

My hometown doesn't have a fall celebration, but many of the towns around us do. The most notable being Fort Ligonier Days, which is recognized as one of the top arts and craft festivals in the country. It also has plenty of food, music, history reenactments at the fort (the gateway to the American frontier during the period of the French and Indian War), and a huge parade. We never missed it when I was growing up, but since my dad died we've only gone a few times. It's still great but it's grown so much and the crowds are huge...I'd rather not deal with them.

5. What is your goodbye message to summer?

Dear Summer, 

You know you were never my favorite season so it should come as no surprise that I am not sorry to see you go. Lovely Autumn with her gilded colors, vibrant scents and scrumptious flavors, is the one who holds my heart. Go back to where you came from and bide your time until next year. By then I will be glad to see you again.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I did a crazy thing today. It's just three days until our daughter's wedding and I bought a new dress to wear for it. I already had a dress...a long, beaded, formal affair that I wasn't in love with from the start. Then yesterday I tried it on with my shoes and found that I've lost enough weight that it now fits rather loosely in the chest. 

I went shopping today hoping to find a strapless bra that wouldn't show and possibly make the dress fit better since it's a bit late for alterations. The dress would have sufficed, but I was not happy with it at all and I also feared that with the heat that's being predicted for Saturday I would be hot and miserable.

After finding a bra at Lane Bryant I decided to look around the store since I hadn't been there before. As I walked up to the front of the store...THERE IT WAS. A beautiful, wine-colored, lace dress. It's not a gown, but it's very elegant in a simple way. It's comfortable and it will not be so hot. I absolutely love it! I don't feel like a dowdy old grandma in it.

That's it for this week's Hodgepodge. 
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September 19, 2017

Wedding Week Update

Here we are a mere four (4!!!!) days from the wedding of our daughter, our youngest child. Am I panicking? Not yet, but it may come. There is more danger of the bride imploding than of me cracking. She is one who dwells on things and also tends toward seeing the cup as smashed, broken, and totally emptied out rather than either half full or half empty. It makes for some stressful moments as each thing can quickly become a make it or break it in her mind. Thankfully, she usually calms down after taking a few moments to process it.

This is so true! I can't believe how rude
people are about not responding. We even stamped and
addressed the RSVPs. All they had to do was check
yes or no and drop it in the mail. Even when asked
or called quite a few refuse to be pinned down
one way or another. Keeping all THEIR options
open, I guess, is the reason for it.

Yesterday was a busy day. I was out the door at 8:30 to head to Walmart in search of paint for the arch my husband built (to the bride's specifications, ala Pinterest) out of two old doors I bought just for the purpose. Then it was off to meet the caterer to get the table linens from her so we can set up the centerpieces ahead of them coming in to set up the buffet.

My doctor's office is, thankfully, just across the road from the caterer's day job in a podiatrist's office so I was able to be on time for my appointment. (Another check up on my weight loss journey with Adipex-P. I am down another 4 pounds and it turned out that I can be on it for one more month before having to take a break.)

Walmart only had part of the paints I needed to get so my next stop after the doctor was Lowe's to find the the rest of the paint. A friend of mine, who is also the wedding photographer, texted me while I was waiting for the paint to be mixed and asked if she could come out to the farm and have a look around and scout out potential photo sites. I hadn't counted on that, but up the ridge to the farm I went (with lunch from Arby's in a sack and a HUGE soda to give me some extra oomph). I was there a bit before she arrived and she spent a good while looking around and talking to the bride and groom...and me, too.

I ended up having just enough time after my friend left the farm to swing by the florist's to ask if they could save the flower petals they remove or that fall off for use in the flower girls' baskets. They can't...said it's too hard. (I asked because I've heard of other florists that do. I guess more phone calls will be made today.)

From there I went home to let the poor puppies out and grab a 30-minute nap before heading up the mountain on Rt. 30 to Jennerstown to meet up with a woman selling wedding stuff on one of the Facebook flea market sites. Had she posted a few months ago I probably would have bought most if not all of what she was selling....beautiful and perfectly matched to my daughter's theme of fall/sunflowers. As it was, I purchased an adorable sunflower headpiece with dreamy long streamers for our granddaughter to wear as the junior bridesmaid (and puller of the wagon holding our little guy with the sign asking "Are you ready, Daddy? Here comes our girl.").

By the time I got back home and got dinner ready it was 8:00! I was quite glad afterward to clean up after the meal, get into my jammies and relax in the recliner for a while.

So far today there is no where I HAVE to go, except for Bible study tonight...I need that sanity in my week even more than usual! I am hoping to use the day to get started on a thorough cleaning of the house. I don't expect much if any company to come here (they are all staying with other family) but you never know.

September 16, 2017

Have You Ever? Why I've Never!

Joining in with our hostess, Bev, and the rest of the cool kids for Sunday Stealing.

1. Have you ever had chicken pox?  No. The only one of the childhood "diseases" (do they still call them that?) I've ever had is the mumps. Both of our kids had chicken pox...our daughter even had them twice as it turns out you can get them again if you don't get a full-blown case the first time...and I STILL didn't get them!

2. Have you ever shopped in Home Depot?  Of course! My husband has always worked in the construction trades so I've been there many times with him. I'll also have to admit I love to decorate and redecorate and I am always thinking up new projects for the house or yard so we go to Home Depot and Lowe's a LOT.

3. Have you ever spied on your neighbors?  Spied on them? No, but I do live in one of those old neighborhoods where most people have been here all of their adult lives and a lot of us "kids" have either remained or moved back to raise our families. Everybody knows everyone and keeps an eye out for trouble. When I was growing up the families were so close all of us kids called the adults "Aunt" and "Uncle" because we knew them too well to call them Mr. or Mrs. and back then kids did not call adults by their first names.

4. Have you ever ridden in a limo?  No and I can't say I feel deprived.

5. Have you ever had a pet fish?  We had three aquariums when I was growing up and I had one large aquarium for the first several years we were married.

6. Have you ever lied about your age?  No. When I was young I never got carded so I never had to lie and now that I'm older than 39 I just don't care so I don't lie about it.

7. Have you ever fired a gun? Many times. I own several of my own.

8. Have you ever been ice skating?
Not since I was a kid. I wasn't good at it. My ankles were too weak and I didn't enjoy wibbling and wobbling all over the place or falling down.

9. Have you ever played golf? A little. I took a few lessons as a kid and in college I took it as a gym class and my teacher thought I was good enough to play competitively, but I never did.

10. Have you ever hidden on Halloween because you had no candy for trick or treaters?  No, but one year I had been out of town and arrived home just a little bit before trick or treat was over. I was literally in the driveway lifting my suitcase out of the trunk and a whole herd of kids ran up yelling trick or treat. I had to point out the obvious (which you'd have thought the adults with them would have picked up on) that I'd been away and just that moment arrived home and didn't have candy.
11. Have you ever made a prank call? Moi? Never! Okay....maybe once. Or twice. Or too many times to remember.

12. Have you ever gotten a tattoo? Just one on my ankle. I'd been wanting one and on my 45th birthday I was feeling like it was "now or never" and my husband encouraged me to get one.

13. H
ave you ever had a massage? Not one that I've paid for. I have a friend who is a massage therapist and she's done a little bit on me, but never a full blown massage. She's offered, but I don't want to take advantage.

14. Have
 you ever locked your keys in the car? A couple of times. Always such a pain in the rump, not to mention terribly embarrassing.

15. Have you ever ridden a horse? Sure. I was a horsey girl when I was growing up. I couldn't read enough about horses, collect enough horsey stuff, or ride enough. I took lessons and though I didn't have my own horse I rode every chance I got.

. Have you ever been to the circus? Several times and I've taken my kids a few times, too. The Shriner Circus has always been big in our area, but Barnum and some others have been around, too.  The last time I went was for our daughter's 12th(?) birthday. We took her and three of her friends to dinner and then to the circus.

17. Have you ever been to Europe? No, I've never been across the pond.

Have you ever built a fire? Oh yes, many times, both inside in the fireplace and outside in the fire pit and on camping trips.

19. Have you ever been skydiving? No, and I will never, ever be able to answer yes to that!

20. Have you ever bought something at a garage sale? All the time. I love garage sales, flea markets, auctions, and the like!

21. Have you ever walked in on someone having sex? Yes, in college. 

22. Have you ever faked an injury to get out of something? No.

23. Have you ever been to a nude beach?
 No and I don't expect that I ever will go to one.

24. Have you ever received a speeding ticket?  No. I've probably deserved one a few times in the past, but since getting my CDL I'm pretty well behaved on the road.

25. Have you ever run a marathon? Oh, good grief, no!

Saturday 9: Don't Talk to Strangers

Good morning everyone! Busy, busy times here (one week away from my daughter's wedding), but I'm taking some time to relax and join in with Sam and the gang at Saturday 9 for a little musical fun since I will be missing in action next weekend for both it and Sunday Stealing. So, put your feet up, sip your morning caffeine source of choice (Diet Coke for me), give the featured song a listen and enjoy the fun questions based on it.

Saturday 9: Don't Talk to Strangers (1982)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) When did you recently have a conversation with a complete stranger? What did you two discuss?  I can't remember who I was talking to, but it was yesterday and it was about my daughter's wedding and the fact that my boss managed to get my bus runs covered so I can be off all of this coming week.  Maybe it was a parent?

2) In the video for this song, a woman is having a "hot" conversation on a corded, rotary dial phone in her bedroom. Do you have a landline? If so, doyou have an extension in your bedroom?
 We do have a landline and we have phones in the bedroom and living room. I keep thinking about eliminating the landline, but can't quite seem to bring myself to do it. We have a bundled package of cable/WiFi/phone and eliminating the phone wouldn't save us much. It's the least expensive component of the package.

3) This week's artist, Rick Springfield, says he wrote this song when he was worried that his girlfriend (now his wife) would cheat on him when he was touring. Would you describe yourself as suspicious or trusting? In general, I'm more trusting than suspicious, but I'm not stupid about it. It's been my experience that in a lot of situations if you treat people like you expect them to behave well or do the right thing, they usually do.

4) He became a daytime heartthrob as Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. Do you think it would be cool to have a really attractive doctor? Or would it make you uncomfortable?  I've had a couple of seriously attractive doctors over the years and I was fine with them. I guess it would depend on the doctor himself, though, and how he acted. On the whole, the doctors I've disliked the most or felt uncomfortable with have been females...they didn't have very good bedside manners.

5) He's discussed how sad he was when, as a boy, he had to leave his dog Elvis behind when the family left Australia. While you were growing up, did your family often move?
 Maybe not as often as some, but often enough. By the time I started high school we had lived in 8 different homes and I'd gone to 5 different schools.

6) In 1982, when this song was popular, Italy won the World Cup. Do you ever watch soccer? Nope.

7) "Smiley," the first emoticon, was introduced in 1982. Do you use emoticons in your communication? Or do you avoid them? I confess that I use the, sad, heart.  On Facebook I've left the emoticons behind...I'm hooked on the GIFs. I know they drive some people nuts, but I do think they have their place in establishing your intent when comments made in texts and on Facebook are so commonly taken the wrong way.

8) The Vietnam Memorial was dedicated in Washington, DC, in 1982. Do you know any veterans of that conflict? If so, tell us about him or her. One of my cousins is a veteran of Vietnam. He's an.....well, he's just not a very nice person. He received a dishonorable discharge that President Ford later commuted to a general discharge. I've never heard the whole story, but my mom hinted that it was related to drugs. I could go on with examples of his not niceness, but Dad always said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

There is another cousin (I never knew him) who died in Vietnam and is listed on the Wall.

9) Random Question:  Your friends are throwing a birthday "roast" in your honor. Which one quality of yours are you sure will be singled out for laughs? Geez...I don't know. My love of auctions, flea markets and garage sales? My obsession with books? My love of really bad reality shows (Alaskan Bush People, Mountain Monsters, etc.)? The way I talk to my dogs like I expect them to answer? I'm sure my kids could think of "something" since they find most of what I say/do either annoying or amusing.

September 14, 2017

Thankful to the Moon and Back (and so much more than that!)

Hey all! I hope you're having a great week. Life is getting really hectic here as we are just 9 days away from our daughter's wedding. It's going to be a wonderful day, but I have to say that my stress level has jumped from yellow to red as we hit single digits in the countdown. Pray the bride remains calm so I am not pushed to the red (nuclear) level!

I don't have much time, but I do want to link up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit by God's Hand to list the many things I am blessed by and thankful for.  Be sure to pay her a visit and check out the links to other thankful people.

This week I am thankful... 

* to my boss for working things out to cover my bus run so I can take all of next week off to get ready for the wedding.  This is one of the worst times to ask for time off due to all the sports events.  Add to that our being short one driver to begin with and it's nothing short of a miracle.  I'm doubly glad because my husband wanted me to quit if I didn't get the time off.

* for the fun little guy my Boogie is growing into.  Can you believe he turned 9 months old yesterday! Where is the time going???

* for each thing that has come together and fallen into place and that none of the things the bride has been sure were existence-ending catastrophes were more than bumps in the road once she calmed down.

* for God who slaps His hand over my mouth at just the right times.

* for all the little "God-incidences" that take place.  Like a study done on my own that poured light on the lesson in Bible study...that "just happened" to deal with something a member is going through.  It is so cool how God just hooks it all together and makes it work for the best!

* for the extended weather forecast that is predicting sunshine and a temperature of 77 for next Saturday.  Thank you, Lord!  (I've had everyone and their brother/sister/aunt/uncle/cousin praying for dry weather.)

* for truths I am learning and for what I hope is growth that pleases God.

* for all this and so much more and, of course, for all of you!

Have a blessed week, friends!

September 10, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Let's Pretend

I'm joining up with our hostess, Bev, and the other thieves for a little Sunday Stealing before it's back to work and reality on Monday. My schedule is really kicking my butt this year. I am up at 3:45 A.M. and out the door by 5:00. I come home for lunch at 11:30 and then head back to work by 1:30. It's 5:30 P.M. by the time I get home. There's not much time to accomplish anything during the day and by the time I get home, cook dinner and we eat and clean up afterward...I am spent. 

I am thinking very seriously about giving up the vo-tech run so I can be home a couple more hours during the day, but I'm not going to make a decision before our daughter's wedding on the 23rd. I'm afraid if I quit the run, my boss will hold it against me and not give me the week of the wedding off.  Of course, he hasn't said if I can have it yet or not, anyway.

Well, enough of my complaints. On with Sunday Stealing!

This is from a blog called "Let's Pretend," which has not been active for 3 years, but I'm reviving it briefly!

1. What is your middle name?  Lynn

2. What is your favorite color? Orange

3. What’s your lucky number? I don't have a lucky number, but I like the number 9.

4. Do you have any pets? Two dogs. The Beagle/Basset mix is named Elvis and the Toy Poodle is named Daisy. The Poodle is the boss.

5. Where are you from?  Here.  Here being a little southeast of Pittsburgh.

6. How tall are you?  Around 5'5".

7. What shoe size are you?  Canoe. (Long and narrow)

8. How many pairs of shoes do you own?  Probably around 20, but I only wear about 4 or 5 of them with any regularity.

9. What was your last dream about?  I don't know. I've been having some real dooseys lately.  They wake me up, but then they are gone.  It's unusual for me. Normally, I sleep so deeply that I don't remember dreaming at all.

10. What talents do you have?  Writing, cooking, planning big events (I actually think I'd have been an event planner if that had been an option back when I was deciding what to go to school for.), and procrastination.

11. Are you psychic in any way?  No.

12. Favorite song? Of all time?  Billy Joel's Piano Man.

13. Favorite movie?  I always answer with Dirty Dancing, but it's a pretty close race between it and A Christmas Story and While You Were Sleeping.

14. Are you religious?  No. I have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Religions and all their rules for the "correct" way to worship are man-made institutions.  I still believe in going to church (I need the fellowship with other believers, the chance to worship, and the opportunities to serve)...I just don't buy into all of it. My philosophy is simple when it comes to what the church says, if it's not in the Bible then it isn't so.

15. Have you ever been to the hospital? For myself? A few times...childbirth, kidney stone, gall bladder. For others in my family? Many, many, many times.

16. Have you ever been in trouble with the law?  No.

17. Have you ever met any celebrities?  A few. When I was a little girl my grandmother always took me to the county fair. It was a very big fair and always had big shows in the grandstand. I met many from the cast of both the Lawrence Welk Show and Hee Haw.  I once met Cathy Rigby who was an Olympic gymnast and medalist in the 70s.  I met David Eisenhower at the rededication of a piece originally dedicated by President Eisenhower.  I've met quite a few of the Steelers over the years since their training camp is held here in my town.  A few years ago I got to meet Toby Keith.

18. What color socks are you wearing? I'm not wearing any socks.

19. Have you ever been famous? No.

20. Would you like to be a big celebrity? No, I don't think I would enjoy being on display like that at all.

21. What type of music do you like?  Just about anything but death metal and the darkest and most violent of rap.

22. How many pillows do you sleep with?  Two. I have trouble with my back and neck and switch back and forth as one or the other is more comfortable at different times.

23. What position do you usually sleep in?  On my side.

24. How big is your house?  Not big enough. We are crammed in here like sardines when everyone is home. I am hoping next year will be the year we finally add on a big living room and turn our current living room into a dining room.

25. What do you typically have for breakfast?  Nothing. Lately I've been following the 16-hour fast thinking on diet, which is eat nothing for 16 hours after your last food at night and once you break the fast you can eat what you want for 8 hours. It is working out better than I thought it would and once your body adjusts you don't binge during those 8 hours.

September 9, 2017

Saturday 9: Sign of the Times

Saturday 9: Sign of the Times (2017)

... because Cat recommended Harry Styles 

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Harry sings, "We don't talk enough, we should open up before it's all too much." When you have something serious on your mind, who do you share it with?  I've learned to take things to God first and after that it's usually my friend and mentor, Fran.  I can talk to her about anything and about all things of a spiritual nature. While I feel safe talking to my husband, he doesn't like to deal with the messy side of life and tends to shut down if I take it to him, so I just don't. Less stress all the way around that way.

2) As a kid, Harry wanted to be a lawyer because he can see "both sides." Are you good at seeing both sides of an argument?  I'm sure I could be better at it, but I do try to at least understand the motivation of the other side, where the person is coming from.  I can respect your point of view without agreeing with you....a "talent" sadly lacking these days.

3) He can't decide which is favorite color -- orange or blue. Help Harry out: which of those colors do you prefer?  Absolutely, positively, orange all the way! The color palette of autumn makes me happy and I've surrounded myself with it in my home (my living room and kitchen have orange walls!).

My actual living room, but it's an older picture taken
right after it was painted. A lot has changed since
then. I tend to change my surroundings a lot.

4) Harry says he prefers older women, but would never go out with someone older than his mother. Do you think age disparity matters in romance?  I think it's probably different in every case. Personally, I wouldn't get into a relationship with a man a great deal older than me. I grew up with parents who had a 16-year age difference and then one of my husband's sisters was married to a man closer to 20 years older than her.  I suppose when they were all younger it didn't matter as much, though with my parents there were some pretty big differences in life philosophies, but later both women endured through very long periods of their husbands' declining health which kept them from doing a lot of things in life and ultimately left them widowed at relatively young ages.  It's not a path I would choose.

5) He admits to a big crush on Adele, who is six years older than he is. Who are you crushing on right now? (It doesn't have to be a celebrity.)
Okay, I confess to having a slight thing for Simon Cowell and it concerns me greatly.

6) It makes Harry's skin crawl when he sees people use their teeth to open bottles. What creeps you out? People who do this:

7) When he's on the road, his go-to food is tacos. Do you like Mexican food?  Love it as long as it isn't too spicy.

8) Harry has never smoked. Have you ever been a smoker? If you quit, how did you successfully kick the habit?  I've never been beyond one or two at parties in college. Surprising really since every single man in my family smoked when I was growing up. Maybe the fact that the women in my family didn't is what kept me from it? What keeps me from it now (aside from loathing the taste and gagging on the smell) is that I watched my dad fight lung cancer and ultimately die from it. My son was very close to him and when he took up smoking I could have gleefully knocked him upside his stupid head. He's given it up for vaping, though I think he may still chew. He says the vaping cuts his urge for that, too, so I'm hoping it all goes away soon.

9) Random Question: As she pulls out of her parking space, an elderly woman in an old car scrapes an expensive car. Then she drives away. You witness the whole thing. Do you make a note of her license plate and leave it for the owner of the expensive car? Or do you just mind your own business?  I'd probably leave a note.  I'd pray the owner would be fair and not go after the woman with guns blazing.  If she's elderly she might not be aware of what she did or she may be scared, but that doesn't mean she can not deal with the consequences of what she did. Maybe she shouldn't even be driving...a lot of older folks shouldn't, but do. 

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September 5, 2017

Hodgepodging Into the Future

1. When you think about your future what do you fear most? I really do try to place my trust in the Lord and the truth that He loves me, provides for me, and has plans for me. Still, in my lower moments I worry (not really "fear") about my old age.  What will my health be like?  How will I make it financially? Will my husband still be with me?  Will my kids take care of me if I need them to? Will my mind be intact?  Hope for the most?  For my husband to feel well enough to have more of a life than work...that my kids would give their lives to Jesus...see the grandkids grow up.

2. September is National Chicken Month. How often is chicken on the menu at your house? A couple of times a week and we are so happy about that! Our daughter has a "sensitivity" to chicken (we believe it might actually be to the antibiotics or steroids they treat poultry with) and gets sick whenever she eats any kind of poultry so we hardly ever had it when she lived at home. What's a favorite dish made with chicken? We love some good fried chicken (it's okay, we do it in the air fryer!), the roast chicken I make sitting up on a bundt pan, and I usually order chicken with green beans when we get Chinese. What's something you're a 'chicken' about doing or trying? Speaking in front of a large group.

3. What are three things you don't own but wish you did?  A Ford Mustang, a house on the beach or a small farm, know, I can't think of anything else.

4. Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master of one? A jack of all trades. Elaborate. My husband is a jack of all trades and I've been spoiled all my adult life by having him right there to build things, fix plumbing problems, electrical problems, repair just about anything, work on cars...If I knew how to do all that one, it would lighten his load, and two, I wouldn't have to worry about calling someone else if he wasn't available.  If you answered one, which one?

5. Ketchup or mustard? Usually ketchup (and only Heinz will do). On what? Bologna, fries, hot dogs, burgers, and meatloaf.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.  
Well, school started last week and I've got a week of work under my belt. The kids are not too bad this year. One troublesome kid moved and a few others moved up or away and it has really changed the dynamics of both runs. The kids are a lot calmer.  So far. 

The only thing I'm not loving is the vo-tech run I do in between.  There is a boy in a wheelchair going this year so they had to drop one big bus and use a mini-bus with a wheelchair lift instead.  I don't have time to make the switch back and forth between the big bus and the mini to take them to vo-tech so I've lost half the run.  I'm stuck hanging around until it's time to bring the kids back to the high school and then I drive the mini to do that.  

This all means I leave home at 5:00 A.M., get home at 11:30 A.M. for lunch, head back no later than 1:30 P.M. and get home for the day at 5:30.  It doesn't give me much time at home and I'm tired at night by the time I get dinner made and then clean up after. I'm ready for bed by 9:00. Trying to get things done at home just doesn't leave much time to blog. So, if you don't see me for a few days at a time, be patient.  I'll at least turn up on the weekends.

September 3, 2017

Sunday Stealing: Going Back to School

Welcome to another week of Sunday Stealing, one of the oldest and most fun memes you can find in the blogosphere!

This from our current hostess, Bev:

This month, kids from all over will be going back to school (if they haven't already gone back).  I thought it might be fun to look back at our own school days, some of them more recent than others.  I couldn't find a meme to steal, so this was cobbled together from a bunch of "questions to ask students" sites, and a couple of my own ideas.  Have fun!

1.  What kind of school did you attend (Big? Small? Public? Private? Specialty? One-room schoolhouse?)  I attended several schools because we did a fair amount of moving.  Most were public and in small towns or rural settings. I did attend an exclusive private school for the last three years of elementary school that left me a good two years ahead of my peers in most classes when I returned to public school.  For jr. high and high school I went to a rural, but surprisingly large, school district.

2. What did you wear to school (uniform? dress code? Whatever you wanted?) I remember that little girls wore nothing but dresses to school up until third grade. After that I wore uniforms at the private plaid skirt, white or pale yellow shirt, green or white sweater, green knee socks. Then back in the public schools again for jr. high and high school I wore the same things everyone wore with one major exception.  My dad was another generation older than my mom and he didn't think jeans were fit to wear for anything but working dirty kinds of jobs or hanging out at home after school. I had to sneak to wear them so I didn't wear them to school very often.

3.  How did you get to school?  Mostly on a bus, but sometimes my mom took when she enrolled me in the school district she was the librarian in.

4.  Who was your favorite teacher?  Why?  I liked one of my English teachers, Mrs. Werner, very much.  She always encouraged my love of reading and writing and was just a very nice person.  I run into her now and then and she always remembers me.  I also liked my homeroom teacher, Mr. G.  He was a young Italian guy so part of it was a crush, but he was also a genuinely nice man who cared about all of us kids in his homeroom.  He took the time to talk to us and find out what was going on in our lives and really tried to help steer us in making good decisions.

5.  What was your favorite subject?  Why?  English. I've always loved to read and write and it came easily to me.

6.  What was your least favorite subject?  Why? Math. I've never enjoyed it and anything involving the alphabet and numbers was a real struggle.

7.  Did you belong to any clubs?  I was on the yearbook committee, the staff of the school paper, a library assistant, and involved in art club, ushers club, and monogram club. 

8.  Were you a picky reader? Not when I was younger. I would read anything and everything I could get my hands on.

9.  What did you do in your free time?  Hung out with friends when we lived somewhere with other people around, but whether there were friends around or not I was usually outside.  I loved to ride my bike, take walks, and explore.  If there were others around I loved playing games and sports.

10.  Did you get good grades?  I did and was in advanced or gifted classes all the way through school.  I graduated with honors.

11.  Did you like/participate in sports?  Not so much when I was in elementary school, though I was a cheerleader for midget football in second and third grade and during my years at the private school I had no choice...all girls had to participate in soccer, field hockey, gymnastics, and softball. My competitive nature developed in high school and I was on the softball and basketball teams.

12.  Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in high school?  There were a few boys I liked and who liked me, but I never really had a boyfriend because my dad wouldn't allow me to date.

13.  When did you get your driver’s license?  Not until I was 23 and I had my infant son in the car with me when I took the test.  My dad wouldn't teach me. He said I had to take driver's education if I wanted to learn. For some reason, they didn't have it my senior year so I didn't get my license and then I was off to college and didn't really need it. I went straight from college to marriage and it was two years into that before I finally got a license.

14.  What kind of kid were you?
  (Popular? Class clown? Shy?  A nerd?  Teacher’s pet?)  I would say I started out as a popular girl in the early years of elementary school, but the years at the private school were rough and I got bullied a good bit.  That turned me into a more shy person.  As a teen I was maybe a bit of a nerd, a pet to some teachers, and still pretty shy in most situations.

15.  Who were your heroes?  Sports figures and all the old-time reporters, whose tales of adventure while covering stories all over the world fueled my dreams.

16.  Were you ever bullied?  Oops, already touched on this one.  Yes, I was, at the private school.  Most of the kids had known each other since they had started school and each grade had less than 20 students so they were tight, closed little groups that didn't really welcome new students...especially one who didn't come from the same privileged background they did. I was there due to the generosity of my dad's employer.

17.  Did you learn how to touch type?  Yes. It was required for all students, male and female, at my high school.

18.  Who was your best friend?  (Are you still friends today?) The friends I had in elementary school are long gone since I was never in any one school more than a couple of years. My best friend through high school was a girl from my neighborhood. We both still live in the neighborhood (just a couple of houses apart on the same street), though I left for several years before finding my way back.  We are friendly when we see each other, we don't go out of our way to see each other.  We both just kind of went our own ways when I moved away.

19.  What is one thing you regret about high school?  I don't really have regrets, but in hindsight it would have been more beneficial to have taken the business courses than the college prep courses.

20.  What were you most proud about?  My academic achievements and the activities I was involved in.