December 2, 2019


I am...

Reading...the book of Luke. I've been inspired by Rebecca Jo's post to read one chapter a day, finishing on Christmas.

Listening to...the Beatles' Abbey Road album thanks to those Alexa commercials. new hair style and color. I'm still learning to style it and it takes a lot longer than just letting the curls go natural, but I absolutely love it. My stylist is a genius! She made my brown color a bit darker, toned the gray that's growing in naturally, and added silver highlights. It doesn't look very gray, but the gray should be a little less noticeable as it grows in and we'll add more silver as we go until I get to my natural color.

Thinking...about my Christmas shopping list and who is crossed off and who I still need to shop for.

Feeling...happy and content.

Celebrating...the great day we had on Saturday for our Thanksgiving. Everyone was here but our son's wife and it was just a great day. We are celebrating why our daughter-in-law wasn't here, too. She got a job that she likes. It has worse hours than mine, though, so we are hoping that gets worked out to what she wants.

Grateful...for a good day at work.

Weather...cold, rainy, and 32*. The rain will be turning to snow over the next few days and by Thursday afternoon we should have 3-4 inches of snow on the ground. 

Enjoying...the Christmas season. I have a LOT of Christmas spirit this year!

A thought to share...


  1. A rain/snow mix here too! That's great that your DIL got a job she likes. Hope the bad hours don't drain her too much.

    Do post pictures of your hair. It sounds gorgeous. I am giving serious thought to just going gray, and seeing your gorgeous silver would be an inspiration.


    1. I'll have to get a new picture...but not until the latest infection I picked up at the nursing home clears up. I just saw the dr. tonight and got put on antibiotics and an antibiotic cream. There's a huge lump on my neck and it spread throughout the day today. Not a picture I want on the internet. lol

  2. Love that reminder!!! Its so easy to think we're so much better than others when we all fail!!!
    I love you're joining in with me doing the Luke reading! So many people digging intentionally into the REASON for the SEASON!

    1. I am and I love the way you just journal the things you notice. That's a great idea. I never noticed that bit about John being born with the Spirit in him. So cool.

  3. I've been reading Luke too. Rebecca's post about chapter 1 provoked so many thoughts for me. Love it.

  4. There is NOTHING better than great new hair.


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