September 21, 2019

Saturday 9: The Candy Man


Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.
1) This song is from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder. The movie was remade as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Which Wonka did you prefer?  Well, I thought Johnny Depp was very creepy in the role, but the Oompa Loompas in his version were way more fun. All in all, I'd have to say the original with Gene Wilder is still the better version to me.

2) In the movie, this song is sung by Bill, the candy store shopkeeper. Think about the last counter person you dealt with. We know that he or she likely didn't break into song, but did you two engage in conversation? 
I believe I tried and she wasn't having it.

3) The lyrics tell us that The Candy Man can make the world taste good. What's the last thing you ate? Was it delicious, or just OK?  It was an iced pumpkin cookie and I thought it was delicious, but I am one of those obnoxious people who love pumpkin spice everything in the fall.
4) The most popular recording of this song was by Sammy Davis,  Jr. Sammy was in a horrific car accident when he was 29 years old. His cheek and nose were broken and he lost an eye. That he survived at all left him reflective and after his hospitalization, he converted to Judaism. Do you still worship in the faith you were raised in?  Yes and no. I was raised as a United Methodist. I'm still a Christian, but I have chosen to go the non-denominational route. One major difference is that I don't believe in baptizing babies. I believe it's something to be done as an informed adult after accepting Jesus as your Savior and Lord. I chose to be baptized again as an adult, which really angered my mom and she refused to be there. She saw it as unnecessary.

5) Sammy was proud of the honorary college degrees because he received because never formally attended school. As a child, he performed on the road with his father and uncle. In addition to depriving him of an education, that lifestyle kept him from kids his own age. He would later describe his childhood as, "in a word, 'lonely.'" Give us a one-word description of your childhood.  Interesting.
6) Because he spent so much of his youth on the road, living on buses, trains and hotel rooms, he loved eventually having his own kitchen and being able to cook his own meals. This weekend, will you spend much time in the kitchen? 
Possibly more than usual. The two younger grands are coming later and staying the night and until later tomorrow.
7) Sammy enjoyed experimenting with clothes and jewelry. What about you? Do you consider yourself conservative in dress or are you fashion forward?  Pretty conservative. I am horrible at knowing what pieces work together. I wish I had that talent.

8) When he died, Sammy was in debt to the IRS. Do you handle your own taxes, or do you use the services of an accountant?
  We used to use H&R Block at my husband's insistence. I finally convinced him they were ridiculously expensive...example, our last year with them it cost over $500 to have them prepare our taxes and since they've started using computers, all they have to do is go in and plug in the new amounts from one year to the next. The woman who does our taxes now and also gives us financial advice that has saved us big time in the amount of taxes owed, only charges $60 to do our taxes.

9) Random question: If you had to tell nothing but the truth (not even the tiniest white lie) for 24 hours, do you think you'd get yourself in trouble?  No. Well, at least not in my normal life, because I try not to lie as it is. Not even the white lies to save someone's feelings...I try to just not say anything if possible in those cases. Work is the glaring exception. I am guilty there of telling the dementia residents some whoppers for their peace of mind....Ex. "Oh, your mom called. She wants you to have dinner before you come home." A lie because the resident is 90+ years old and mom has been gone for maybe 40 o4 50 years. We have to tell fibs like that because if we tell them mom is dead, they will freak out and mourn and grieve all over again. I pray God understands the need to protect them from that.

I hope you all have a great Saturday. As I mentioned, we're looking forward to the grands spending the weekend with us. Because of that, I probably won't be joining in Sunday Stealing tomorrow...and actually, I've been thinking about dropping it from my weekly blogging as a way to take back some time from the computer. The hours are becoming more precious and harder to come by. Anyway, have a blessed day and I'll see you Monday or Tuesday!


  1. I agree with you that the first Willy Wonka movie is way better than the Johnny Depp version. And pumpkin spice was just made for fall. Pumpkin spice everything is wonderful. You are right on with the baptism issue. So sad your mom couldn't see her way to coming to the service. Hope you have a great weekend with the kiddies.

  2. #4 -- I'm sorry your mom wasn't more supportive. Before I converted, I was worried about telling my grandmother. She was the most observant of my family, most involved with the congregation, and also she was someone whose feelings I would NEVER want to hurt. She was a champ. She told me that she was glad I would have God in my life, and that besides, it wasn't like switching from a Cub to a White Sox fan. THAT, she said, would have made her mad! ;)

    #7 -- I struggle with that, too. I love looking at clothes in magazines and catalogs, but when I get to the store, I'm rather lost.

  3. I can't dress well either. I just wear black pants or jeans, mostly, and a nice top. Easy enough. I am really amazed you get your taxes done for $60. I think mine cost about $700 last time, but we are doing the farm, a rental property, and two other businesses, so I guess it is problematic.

  4. Have fun with the grandkids this weekend. I am not much of a fashionista, smiles. My folks have disowned me since I converted, its sad...their loss.

  5. Waht a blessing to ahve your grands come to visit!!! Savor the moments!

  6. I love that you tell the patients that their mom told them to eat. I think God would see that as compassion. I was always afraid to do that with my dad because he was always wanting to call his mom himself. I was always trying to come up with some reason why she wasn't home and my mom was like "she's dead". *eye roll* UGH. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

    1. Oh, that's awful! I get where your mom was coming from....being a caregiver is stressful and frustrating but we are taught the kindest thing is to meet them in their reality. It's never what we think it should be. We try to avoid ages, years and similar things. When a family member visits it's best to see who the patient thinks they are. Can you imagine thinking you are 18 and some old wrinkly person says they are your spouse, sibling, or worse...your kid?!

  7. My students say I'm the best dressed teacher at school. :)

    Enjoy your grandbabies!

  8. Methinks you have your priorities in the right place. I remember something a (former) blogger wrote: She was going to cut back writing about life and start living it.

  9. Agree 100% on truth. You need to know and understand the situation. Very wise answer.

  10. Sunday Stealing during football season can be difficult to fit into schedule...

  11. Hi Stacy, regarding knees, my reg doctor put me on Calcium, 12000 units daily, Vit D3, turmeric, and cosemin chrondroitin,, can’t spell it. I was told to elevate and rest it when I could and ice it. He took me off of aleve which is really bad for you, and told me to take 2 extra strength Tylenol morning and evening with 650 mg of buffered aspirin in middle day if I need it. I have compromised kidneys from using aleve and nexium which I was taking everyday for 5 years my reflux dr put me on. Now
    I am on randititine for that. It seems we are nothing more than guinea pigs when it comes to meds. Oh also ice the knees occasionally they are feeling better. Hope your get better soon.

    1. I am already doing a lot of that. Will have to try the rest. I also have to tell my husband about the Aleve. He takes far too much of it, but won't listen. I've been worrying about his liver for years because of it and before that too much Tylenol.


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