February 11, 2019

A Good Weekend

Waking up to a real mess outside today. The news is all about the weather, the road conditions, and school delays. It's not that we've got so much snow (just a few inches) but we are hovering at that odd temperature where it can be snow, rain, freezing rain, or switching back and forth. It doesn't really look like we'll see much improvement, either. This round should last until late this morning and then the next system will get here late this afternoon. From what they are saying, the whole week is looking to be a mess. Hello, winter is finally here!

The weekend was good and the weather was actually pretty mild. On Saturday I went shopping at Sam's Club. Megan and Colton went with me. We had a lot of fun and had lunch at Steak 'n Shake. We were going to do some more shopping, but Colton had hit his limit and let us know it in no uncertain terms. The poor little guy was asleep before we were out of the parking lot and slept until he had to wake up for dinner.

Dinner was on us. We invited Megan and her family to go to Don Patron's with us for Mexican. I have been craving good Mexican for a while, but don't really have anyone who likes it much to go with. Tim likes one dish and he was in the mood so we decided to go. Turns out Cody likes the same dish as Tim and knowing him, that's all he will ever order if he goes again. Megan sure married a guy like her daddy. 

Colton had chicken tenders and fries. Megan, who was beginning to feel a little queasy (that's been a real problem with this pregnancy), ordered a steak and fries and she took most of it home. I had tacos and enchiladas. The kids needed to run a couple of errands so we brought Colton home with us. He had fun playing with a book that came with little toys I'd bought him and sharing ice cream with Pappy.

Sunday was a pretty mellow day. We made a quick trip to the store for some groceries before lunch, I watched Colton for a bit in the afternoon, and Tim changed the oil in his truck, but otherwise I spent the day reading and Tim spent it napping or watching TV.

Now it's back to work.  The good news is I only have one 12-8 shift this week. The bad news is Thursday is my only day off until probably next Tuesday (work is changing over our online time/payroll program to a new one and it isn't up and running so I will have to copy my hours while I'm at work today).

It's going to be a good day, though. I've made up my mind. I pray all of you have a good day, too, and please be safe if you are dealing with any of this messy weather!


  1. Go into it with a good mindset. I saw one time on a reality show, the guy, every morning would say as soon as he woke up, "Today is going to be a great day" & I just always loved that. Before he even put his feet on the floor. I try to do that every day when I drive out of my garage.
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend off!!!

  2. Yum! Your dinner sounds wonderful; I wish we might find good Mexican fare down here. Stay safe out there … or should I say, watch out for the other guy.

  3. Sounds like a good weekend, indeed! I have been craving Mexican for a week or so. Think we may have to venture out for some real soon!

  4. I have to tell myself every morning that i8t is going to be a good day - I truly believe we have the power to tweak our perspective. I love going to the warehouse shops too - it is always an adventure to taste the samples and see what new products they have! I hope you have a safe and wonderful week!


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