February 12, 2019

10 On Tuesday

1. Not looking forward to the drive to work this morning. Freezing rain and ridiculous wind. Woke up this morning when it blew the garbage can over and ripped the solar light caps off the posts on the deck.

2. Daughter and grandson spent the night again. Son-in-law is working 7pm-7am all week so he can have the weekend off.

3. Read a book by William Kent Kreuger last year and really liked it. Found it was the latest in a series. Finally ordered book one over the weekend. It arrived yesterday. Two chapters in.

3. Work is going pretty well. I'll be spending most of my time in the dementia unit this week...today, tomorrow, and the whole weekend.

4. Some guy from my union is coming tonight. Something about the free life insurance I get from work. Tim must be here, too, since he is the beneficiary. I'd rather not deal with it at 8pm, but what can you do? It's the only time we can all meet up. Not thrilled it means missing Bible study again.

5. My neighbor must have had more damage from the garbage can fire in her garage on New Year's Eve than she let on. A restoration company has been at her house every day, except Sundays, for the last two weeks!

6. I bought a new package of Salonpas pain patches. I've discovered that putting them on before I head to work really helps keep my feet pain free...or at least keeps the pain at a bearable level. They've increased some ingredient, though, because they kinda burn and they didn't before. Still better than pain.

7. Was going to throw stuffed peppers in the slow cooker today, but we got Chinese delivered last night and there are lots of leftovers. I work late tomorrow so I guess we're having stuffed peppers on Thursday...my day off.

8. The Bachelor was in Pittsburgh this week. He came to visit the kids at Children's Hospital on behalf of the charitable foundation he started. He is such a cutie and seems like a very nice man....but I'm still not going to watch the show. The whole premise of it makes me cringe.

9. The schools in the town I work in haven't made the move from 2-hour delay to closed so I guess the roads haven't gotten too bad over that way. Good to know, but I'm still going to allow a couple of extra minutes. I didn't yesterday and punched in one minute late.

10. I'm almost tempted to subscribe to Hulu in order to watch George Clooney's new TV series, Catch-22. Almost. We had Hulu a couple of years ago and were not happy with it. On a happier note, dear daughter set us up on her Netflix account last night so we can watch and it doesn't cost us anything. Yay!


  1. Nice - what a score on the free netflix! I am so cheap so I cannot even think of paying for that! HA!

  2. Didnt even know that show was coming on Hulu - I'll have to check it out.
    My brother set my mom up on his Netflix account too - that's nice to be able to share it like that.
    Pain patches... THE BEST
    I really think this Bachelor is super sweet. He seems like one of the most genuine people they've had in awhile

  3. We watch Netflix and AcornTV more than regular TV. We have not subscribed to Hulu though. Nice that you daughter lets you piggy-back on hers! Our son is on ours. I think we are allowed up to five people on the account.


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