January 17, 2019

Thankful Thursday: Too Many Dogs in the Bed

I'm linking up with my sweet blogging friend, Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday today. Please visit her to read her (always) incredible list and find links to others who are sharing today.

This week I am thankful...

** today is my day off. Things are pretty, um, "active" in the dementia unit these days. It is nice to have a break. Plus, it was really wonderful to sleep in this morning. I haven't been sleeping well since we've been keeping my mom's dog while she's on vacation. She's a bit of a bed hog and there is no moving her once she's picked her spot. Plus, my little diva isn't terribly fond of her so there is plenty of grumping and growling all night. Oh, and add that I'm also really thankful Mom and John are supposed to get home on Saturday so bye-bye to Lacey!

** that all of the winter storms that have rolled through have not amounted to much and if the forecasters can be believed, it looks like the 3 storms rolling across the country in the next few days will continue the trend.

** for Amazon Prime. We get so much stuff from Amazon now because it's so easy and convenient and with the Prime membership the shipping is free and usually within 2 days. Why go running around to a bunch of stores if you don't have to? Just this week we got the power bands for the ABDoer, a big CD case that will hold our whole collection, a smaller crock pot, and a sweet little utility cart for my craft/library room.

** that I am a journal keeper. I love being able to look back at what was going on x-number of years ago, but more than that, it's helpful to see how I handled things or what the Lord was saying to me. It's interesting to see what was tearing me apart emotionally (I've always vented and worked through things in my journals rather than saying things I'd later regret) and see if those things are still a big deal or if they've been worked out or if they never really were a big deal and I only thought they were.

** the perceived blank slate of a new year. It's good to feel that jumpstart in January to eat better, exercise more, read more, be more positive, save more, or whatever is on our resolution list. Even if we don't stick with it, it's still nice to feel inspired and kick things up for as long as it lasts.....and hey, you never know. It just might become a lasting habit.

** A Million Little Things comes back tonight!

** that there are things to make me laugh and things to find joy in even in the seeming hopelessness of working with dementia patients. Yesterday the residents were absolutely delighted when 2 deer came right up to the fence outside the dining room and dug through the snow for grass. They stayed for several minutes and the residents were so excited.

** Pierogies for supper tonight! They are the ultimate winter comfort food. Yum!

** Most of the residents in the rest of the nursing home seem to be getting better from the plague virus (I'm pretty sure it was the norovirus even though the home never officially said so) and I still haven't gotten it. I'm also glad it didn't make its way into the dementia unit because there is no way to contain something like that in there with so many residents wandering around touching everything.

** as always, for each one of you! Have a blessed day and please, stay warm and safe if the winter storms are going to hit your area hard.


  1. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list. Oooh...I wish we were having pierogies for dinner tonight! We are having leftovers! :)

  2. Great list! I love me some pierogies!!! I "borrowed" your Million Little Things...I love that show so much! Actually, these days I am so thankful for TV...it takes my mind off of the real world happenings! HA

  3. What did we do before Amazon Prime??? Seriously!!!!
    I am so excited about A Million Little Things! I just love that show!
    Hoping this next storm rolling through here this weekend fizzles out. The cold with it is going to be miserable enough - keep the snow.
    Funny you talk about journaling - I looked back at my journal I wrote in when I first started my job & just prayed for God to lead me where He wants me here & had some other thoughts I written down, that now, getting this new promotion, I see God's hands ALL OVER IT! Loved how I stumbled back on that past entry & reminding myself how God is in control over it all!!! Even when we dont see it

  4. Glad you had a day off, Stacy! Also glad the snow didn't amount to much and that your dog-sitting days are coming to an end. Get some rest when you can!!


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