October 22, 2018

Catching Up

Good morning! It's a new day and the start of a new week. What will you do with it? How will you face it? Will you embrace it and live it fully or whine that life's unfair?

There will be circumstances that are beyond your control, that's just how life is. What you can control is how you react to the things life throws at you....both good and bad. You can choose to be a light in the world, walk with God, and offer thanks for all your blessings....and even for your trials because they are teaching you and strengthening you. Or you can choose to complain and become bitter and make the people around you miserable, too.

And while things can sometimes overwhelm you and leave you tired, exhausted, and feeling that you can't continue...you don't have to do it alone. There is One who is always willing, waiting even, for you to ask for His help, to take shelter from life's storms in His arms, to let Him be your strength and He gives the hope of a future with no more pain or sadness and peace in the trials of this present life.

Today, I choose to face the week with expectations of God showing His power in my life.


The weekend was very nice here. Not weather-wise or excitement-wise, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Saturday I went to a pumpkin farm with my daughter and grandson. It was so much fun seeing Colton's reactions to everything. Then when Tim got home we went out to a local restaurant for dinner. It HAILED while we were at dinner and we came home to the leaves on the tree overhanging the deck shredded, but thank goodness, no real damage.

On Sunday we slept in and really didn't do a lot of anything. It was cold, damp, and gray so we just kind of hibernated inside and ignored the world. We watched several movies and made a big pot of vegetable beef soup together (it was sooooo good!). I did some reading and finally filled out the forms for insurance at work. Our daughter and grandson stopped by for a little while in the evening.

It was all very low key and relaxing. Just what we needed.


The winter sicknesses are starting.

My mom saw her doctor about a month ago and was put on antibiotics for bronchitis. I didn't even think she sounded ill, but there it was. She still wasn't better once she had finished taking the antibiotics so she went to an urgi-care place when her doctor's office was closed and they put her on another antibiotic. She took the full course of that and sounded worse than she ever had. Friday she saw her regular doctor again and he said she has walking pneumonia and put her on prednisone. If that doesn't get rid of what ails her, she will have to go for a chest x-ray next.

Tim had been complaining about his usual vague "not feeling well" and saw the doctor last week. The doctor said he sounded "wheezy" and put him on an antibiotic and prednisone as well as sent him for a chest x-ray and blood work. He hasn't heard anything back. He's done with the meds and doesn't feel better. We're hoping the doctor returns his call today.


Not much else is going on. I work every day but Thursday this week and I also work this weekend, but Saturday is trick-or-treat in the township and Tim and I will be taking Colton around since his parents have a family wedding to attend. Tim is going to bring him over to the nursing home for trick-or-treat, too. I can't wait to show him off!


Have a blessed and happy week friends....and spread light and joy wherever you go!


  1. The winter sickies already had me down the past week too ... not fun. I just ordered my Elderberry syrup to get me through the rest of cold/flu season!
    Glad you got some fun times in the pumpkin patch - I always love seeing everyone's family pics in all the orange glory :)

  2. I'm hoping to avoid the winter sicknesses this year. Last January, Joe got sick and got over it in less than two weeks. I caught it and it took almost three months to start feeling better. No thanks!! Hope your daughter and Tim both get well soon! Please show us a picture of Colton in his costume!!


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