September 18, 2018

Tuesday 10: On My Mind

10 Things Crossing My Mind This Morning

1. I read that the Emmy's were another show of the entertainment industry voicing it's opinions on things. Honestly, who cares. Your job is to entertain us. Just do that, please. If you are as smart and creative as you think you are, how about some new ideas instead of yet more remakes of old classics or more "reality" shows? Concentrate on that stop believing that you are experts (on whatever the hot topic of the day is) who need to make your opinions heard.

2. The Colin Kaepernick Nike ad, Colin Kaepernick, and the NFL.  I love me some football. In particular, I love me some Steeler football. I don't always get to see the games, but I pay attention to how the team is doing. Football is an escape, a game, it's for fun. Stop mucking up my enjoyment with all the political stuff. It's a bunch of 300 lb. guys pounding each other into the's not politically correct. Stop trying to make it something it's not.

As for Kaepernick...I can't muster an ounce of a care about his Nike ad. It's not going to change anything or anybody's mind. If Nike wants to pay him buckets of money and portray him as a hero that's their right. And this may tick a lot of people off, but Kaepernick also had the right to take a knee. Do I think it was the best or most respectful way to get his message across? No, but I do believe he had that right. Just as the 49ers as his EMPLOYER had the right to let him go. Having a right to do something doesn't mean you are exempt from the consequences of your choice.

3. Since we're talking about Colin Kaepernick, while I don't care about his Nike ad. I found the evolution of Kaepernick's look interesting. It seems to have changed over the years as he came into who he viewed himself to be.

Early Kaepernick...

Kaepernick along the way...

And finally, the Nike ad...

It doesn't really matter how I view the Nike ad since their target audience was young urban black males. I'm sure it worked for them. To me it's like they went out of their way to make him look like a terrorist.

4. I am tickled Henry Winkler finally got an Emmy after all these years. I've always felt he was an under appreciated talent.

5. Something smells hot. I think it's my laptop. That's not good. I hope it doesn't go up in flames until I can get a new one.

6. Praying for a good outcome in a story breaking in my local news. A young mother, who does not have custody of her children and who does have mental health issues, has taken her two children from their father and run off. The search is on and there is a real fear for the children's safety.

7. The world's first space tourist. A Japanese billionaire has basically bought that right and chose the moon as his destination. He is also planning to pay for several artists, musicians, and writers to go with him. Possible launch date? 2023. I'll believe it when I see it.

And I have one big question. They are supposed to go in a big rocket, not something that looks like the space shuttle. Will there be a crew of astronauts with them? Are they coming back or is it a one-way ticket?

Would you go if you had the chance?

8. Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing and the accusations now facing him. I'm not buying it. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for predators getting what's coming to them. What I'm questioning is why now? Where's the credibility? If Kavanaugh doesn't get appointed, I'm betting that it will be the end of the accusations. It's a timed stunt to keep him from being appointed to SCOTUS.

9. All those dealing with the aftermath of Florence. I'm watching the news and it seems that even though she has passed, the flooding will continue for several days yet and conditions are right to spur tornadoes and other nasty weather. Praying for safety and the assistance they need.

10. Everything I need to do today on my day off. It's a long list, so I'd better get moving!

Have a blessed day, my friends!


  1. I'm with you. I dont get why this lady is coming out NOW against Judge Kavanaugh. & its such a sensitive topic in todays headlines that I feel like people are going to instantly side with her & he wont get a fair look on this. Why wait when he had all sorts of other political seats he held? Makes me so mad.
    & I agree about the Nike ad - it does make him look like a terrorist.
    I was so happy for Henry Winkler. He just seems like a good man, doesn't he? Everyone loves him.

    1. I read somewhere that a lot of women are really turned off on the Nike ad because they think he looks a little scary.
      Yes, gotta love the Fonz!

  2. As ever, a thoughtful read. Mr. Kaepernick disgusts me ... but I don't think he's losing any sleep over it. Hollywood pundits not far behind. I am thrilled that Henry Winkler was recognized for his achievements. His was the only poster I ever hung in my bedroom. :)

    1. No, I don't think Kaepernick is losing any sleep over anything. It all keeps his name in the news and I'm sure Nike gave him a nice check.
      You and the Fonz, huh?! :)

  3. I agree with your #1, 4, & 9 especially! Good post, Stacy. Hope you had a productive day off!

    1. Thank you, it wasn't too bad and I got some Colton time, too!


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