August 10, 2018

Happiness Challenge: Day 10

I saw a podiatrist today about my foot and ankle. How does that qualify for a happy thing, you ask? The answer is actually more than one thing.

  • The doctor is a personal friend. He and his wife are in the same Bible study group that I'm in.
  • He had x-rays taken so he'd know exactly what's going on rather than making an educated guess.
  • He found a lot of arthritis, a couple of bone spurs, and the space between my shin bone and foot is narrowing. This is all good news because while the arthritis bothers me now and then, the rest of it doesn't. Yet. At least I know what's down the road....injections and probably surgery way down the road. Anyway, good news because none of that is my problem now.
  • My immediate problem is tendinitis. The soft, compression brace my primary care physician told me to use obviously hasn't been helping so today I got a big, black, brace that laces like a high-top sneaker and has plastic stays in the sides to stabilize the ankle. It's ugly and not the most comfortable thing, but it sure kept my ankle from leaning in and supported my arch. No pain all day while I was wearing it.
  • When I was out at the desk to square up, he told the receptionist to waive my copay. How nice was that?!
So, I know exactly what's going on, got a brace that helps, and it didn't cost me anything out of pocket. That's why it qualifies as my happy today.


  1. All good points there!! That brace will be such a comfort! Hooray! Hooray for no co-pay too!

  2. "He had x-rays taken so he'd know exactly what's going on rather than making an educated guess."

    This is reassuring!


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