May 7, 2018

It's Quiet Around Here

It was rather a cold, wet weekend here, but the first in quite a while that Tim didn't work at least one day. So, there was that going for it right from the start and a bunch of other blessings popped up to make it a good couple of days.

I had hoped it would be the weekend of much work on the bathroom. It turned out to be the weekend of a little bit of work on the bathroom. Which is still better than all the months of no work on the bathroom.  All of the hardy board (I have no idea if that's how it's spelled, but it is how it's pronounced) is finally in place on the walls and floor so no more gaping holes in the floor!  The joints have been filled. I think that means the next step is starting to lay tile on the floor! Oh, the door has been removed, too, which means I can no longer pull it shut and pretend the whole mess isn't there.

LOL.....I hope ours turns out better than this!

Our daughter and her husband finally got the word on Friday that the loan they were told two weeks ago had been approved really was finally approved. What a relief that was. The fellow who originally told them they got the loan told them they could go ahead and put in an offer on the house next to us that is for they did. Only to be told 4 days later that they were not approved.


Thank the Lord, they had an email from the first guy to prove they had been given the go-ahead so the company got a financial specialist to work with them. It took two weeks to get everything shipshape, but the loan is OFFICIALLY approved and agreements have been signed by all parties. If it all works out with inspections and such, we should have new neighbors by June 7.  We are so tickled at the thought of having our youngest grandchild next door.  Woohoo!

Last week's HOT weather had us wishing the air conditioning was working so even though this weekend was cool, Tim spent the better part of Saturday morning working on it. It's an ancient system and we've been babying it and coaxing more years out of it than we probably should have, but a whole new central air system is not a bill we really want right now. It looks like we will get at least this year out of it. Hooray! I cannot live without my air conditioning. It gets way too humid here for that.

Tim finally moved some boxes of tile that had been blocking access to the closet in the guest room on Saturday so I was finally able to clean up the heaps of clothes from all the seasons in our room, put the summer stuff in our closet and pack the rest up till next fall. It makes me so happy not to see that pile of clothing every day!

A friend of mine from high school is part owner in a craft "mall." It isn't really big enough to be a mall, but the space is divided up into booths that people rent and sell their stuff. There's also a big room in the back where they have craft classes. Remember the owl sign I painted for our daughter at Christmas?

I did it there. They were celebrating their first anniversary on Saturday so Megan and I went. We didn't really buy anything, but had fun looking and they had a whole table full of goodies to munch on and wine.

Other than a trip to Walmart on Sunday, that was pretty much our weekend. I spent a lot of time dozing on Saturday...catching up on the sleep I missed out on last week, I guess. We finally watched Wonder Woman (you've all been right all this was excellent!) and I got caught up on American Idol.

It's quiet around here. Mom and John are in Florida for two weeks and they took their dog with them since she and my dog don't see eye to eye. They left last week because John had his annual check up at the cancer center in Jacksonville. Now they are at my aunt's just south of Tallahassee. We're expecting them back this weekend (they drove) since Mom is scheduled for eye surgery on Monday.  My bestie's out of town this week, too.

Have a beautiful and blessed week, friends! I hope spring has finally sprung wherever you are.


  1. Congrats to the kids and how fun to have them next door!! Slow but steady will get it done... the bathroom. Keep us posted!!

  2. Congratulations ... both for Megan's home loan approval AND your bathroom reno! I LOVE the antique 'malls' that have become so popular lately, offering small vendors an opportunity to showcase their 'stuff' without leasing a whole storefront!


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