May 6, 2018

Sunday Stealing: Sleepy Rambles

Linking up with Bev and the gang from Sunday Stealing.

Stolen from Steph at Love Me Some Surveys.  Steph finds surveys to be therapeutic, in a way, and a good way to vent.  Enjoy!

1.   Would you ever try Fear Factor for one million dollars? Why or why not?  Absolutely not. I'm pretty sure I would fail at some point (very early on) so would not win the money, anyway. Plus, a million dollars is not enough to make it worth eating disgusting things, being buried in snakes or whatever else they think up.
2.   If you use hair spray, what brand do you use the most?  I think there's a can of Clairol Herbal Essence hair spray in the bathroom. I very rarely use it.
3.   Is "Catcher in the Rye" in your library by any chance?  No. I have quite a few classics, but not that one.

(What happened to #4?)
5.  What is the best thing about a Barbie doll?  I love that they come in so many skin colors and sizes and hair colors now. I would have loved that.  I always hated and that they all looked basically the same when I was a kid.  Other than that, I think what I liked best was all the things she could do. She could be a beauty queen, but she was also capable of being an astronaut, a flight attendant (though I usually pretended she was the pilot), an Olympic gold medalist, etc. She wasn't limited by her femaleness.

6.   Cherry or peanut ice cream?  Cherry.  They make peanut ice cream? I've never seen it. It sounds disgusting.

7.   From one to ten, how big of a movie buff are you?  Probably a 6 or 7 these days. I have my favorites that I will watch over and over, but I don't watch a lot of movies these days and I only see a new one in the theater a couple of times a year.

8.  Who is a celebrity you think will never get into trouble?  I can't even begin to speculate. We live in a world that is going crazy and we humans are a flawed mess...anyone could take a tumble off their pedestal.

9.  What is a museum you would like to go to?  The Smithsonian. I visited the Air & Space building years ago with my Civil Air Patrol unit, but have never seen the rest of it.  It's on my bucket list.

10.  Personally, do you look better with short hair or long hair?  I think longer, it slims the face, but that said, I'm thinking about going a little shorter for convenience.

11.  What is the first thing you think of when I say ‘Jack’?  My dad.  His name was John, but nobody ever called him anything but "Jack."

12.  What do (or did) you call your grandparents?  I, unfortunately, don't have any of my grandparents left. I called my maternal grandparents, with whom I was very close, Pappy and Nana. My paternal grandmother was known as Grandma. I never knew my paternal grandfather. 
13.  What color do you usually paint your nails?  I usually choose a light pink or tan for my fingernails unless I have an event I will be dressing up for.  I only paint my toenails in the summer and I usually choose a brighter color for them.

14.  What would be a cool earring design?   I don't know. I have a pair of small silver hoops that I pretty much wear every day.
15.  Besides nightmares, what is the scariest thing about sleeping?  Nothing. I'm not going to be afraid of sleeping.


  1. I had peanut butter ice cream once. I thought it would taste like peanut butter/Girl Scout cookie filling. I don't recall if it did or not. My vivid memory is that it left me *thirsty.*

    I'll meet you at the Smithsonian!

    1. I might like peanut butter ice cream, but the question just says "peanut." That made me think of vanilla with peanuts in it. Yuck!

      Which building do we start in?!

  2. The Smithsonian is overwhelming to me--I want to see it ALL!!

    1. LOL....that is definitely me, too! I want to see it all from Bev's Tupperware to Fonzi's leather jacket to Archie Bunker's chair to the Wright Brothers' plane.

  3. My favorite of the Smithsonian museums is the museum of American History. I have been through it several times and always find something new. The biggest shock was finding a display of Tupperware that I am still using in my house!

    1. That is pretty amazing! Where else can you go and find that you own something museum worthy? LOL

  4. I really thought you might not paint your nails since you also bite yours. I'm allergic to the polish, so there's that.

    1. I don't paint them when I'm in a biting phase, but I do go through long spells of not biting and I keep them painted then, even if it's just with clear because they are so prone to splitting (probably damage from years of biting).

  5. Good answers! I'm not sure how I would answer a few of them. It takes at least a week to see all the museums under the Smithsonian umbrella. They are amazing! Our Polk Museum of Art, right here in Lakeland, is a Smithsonian Museum Affiliate! We can borrow art from them for display here!! Proud of that!

  6. I'm glad to hear you liked the Wonder Woman movie. Thanks for letting me know.


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