April 25, 2018

April Challenge: Days 24 & 25

Day 24

Something you miss.

Of all the things I miss, I miss having a lot of family around. Most of the older generation is long gone at this point and from my generation on down we seem to be scattered to the winds and rarely get together. Everyone is always so busy that they can't make time to get together. Facebook is how we stay in touch the little bit that we do. Outside of our own immediate families, it doesn't seem that those ties to cousins matter much any longer. 

Day 25

Four weird traits you have.

  1. I am always touching, fiddling, or picking at something. Seriously. If I find a new hair sprouting on my chin, or have a hangnail, or a scab...I cannot leave it alone.
  2. I love peanut butter, but cannot stand peanuts or any nut for that matter. The texture of nuts totally skeeves me.
  3. I talk to myself. Out loud. In full conversations. Mainly when I'm alone, but sometimes I forget and do it in front of someone. It's how I process or review things.
  4. I like to be the first one to stick a knife or spoon in new butter, a new jar of peanut butter, a bowl of jello...anything that's smooth. 


  1. Well, #1 and #4 are not so weird. At least I don't think so, because I do the same thing. lol

  2. #1? Are we twins? (lol) Tom's always asking, "Are you nervous about something?" ... maybe I need to take up smoking again.

  3. The four weird traits was interesting to answer and I enjoyed reading yours! Thinking about it...I like being the first to disturb a smooth surface too! Yikes!

  4. I get the peanut thing. I'm good with tomato sauce and catsup, but I HATE tomatoes.


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