February 22, 2018

Rainy Day Thanks

What better way to add some cheer to an otherwise dreary (rainy) day, than to count your blessings? I'm joining in with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand in showing thanks to the One from whom ALL blessings flow.


* I had a wonderful weekend babysitting our youngest grandson. Lots of time to play and snuggle. He is walking all over the place now and his little personality is really starting to come out.

All tuckered out from a day with Nanny.
He picked out the triceratops sleeping bag at Sam's Club.

* for a fun afternoon with Mom and a friend at the library's basket bash fundraiser.  I didn't win anything, but it all goes to a good cause.

* to have had the privilege, back in 1999, to work with Billy Graham's organization when they brought a crusade to our town. Billy didn't come here, but did send video encouragement to the team working so hard to prepare the area for his people, as well as written encouragement. It was such an honor to be a part of it. The world has lost a great man this week, but heaven is rejoicing over the arrival of one of the saints. You just know Mr. Graham heard, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

* for a lunch with some of the ladies from bible study on Monday. I usually have to rush through those when we get together because I have to get back to work, but I was off for the holiday and able to linger as long as I liked.

* for Olive Garden's shrimp scampi at the above mentioned lunch. YUM!

* that my husband changed his mind about loading the bikes we got the grandkids for Christmas into his truck and dropping them off on his way home from work some night. Instead, he actually got someone to cover for him at work on Saturday so I can go with him. Yea! I get to see the grandkids, too!

* that winter is beginning to crack. I know we have a ways to go before it's done with us, but we are seeing more and more mild weather and the cold snaps are not quite so cold. It helps me hang in there.

* for an extra day in my weekend. School was cancelled on Friday due to flooding throughout the district. It gave me an extra afternoon with my little guy.

* that it wasn't me driving my bus when it blew a hose...and not a radiator hose, but some other hose that sprayed oil everywhere. The mechanics were taking it to the garage that does our warranty work anyway when it happened, but it had to be towed the rest of the way. Apparently, this is an unusual thing and neither of them had ever had it happen before. I guess it was quite loud and really startled them. I'd have probably had a heart attack!

* that in all the crazy, scary things happening in this world, and all the angry, bitter disagreement and, let's face it, hate, that is resulting from it....I have the hope and peace that passes all understanding that comes from knowing Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

* for all of my blogging and Facebook friends!


  1. Wonder-FULL list, Stacy! The sleeping bag is so cute ... but more so, Colton. :)

    1. I'd like a my-size sleeping bag like that. The furry material it's made of is so soft and silky feeling.

  2. I just heard an interview last night with Mr. Graham & Diane Sawyer & he was saying that it only mattered what one person thought of him after he died - Jesus ... & he said, I want to hear the words, "Well done thy good & faithful servant"... &then he said he's not sure he'll hear those words... & I was like WHAT???/ How does Billy Graham doubt he'll hear those words. Talk about a humble heart.

  3. That sweet sleeping baby!! Time with your mom!! A good thankful list, Stacy!

  4. I'm glad you weren't driving the bus when the hose blew, too! I would freak out!

    And winter is easing up a bit here in the Great White North! Our temp even with the wind chill is above zero!

    1. If that hose scared the mechanics when it blew, I figure I'd have had to head home for new pants. LOL

      Hooray for thawing out!

  5. I agree 100%. There is nothing better than the peace you get from knowing Jesus.


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