February 28, 2018

Do You Want Fries with the Wednesday Hodgepodge?

Good morning and welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge, created and hosted each week by Joyce @ From This Side of the Pond.  It's currently a beautiful, sunny, and WARM day. The poodle and I took a walk when I got home from the morning bus run. She was so excited to get out there and check out the neighborhood. It is a glorious treat and won't last long as rain is coming tomorrow and snow on Friday. (I said, "Pennsylvania, you can't have all the weather in one week." Pennsylvania said, "Hold my beer.")

1. Are you currently operating at 100% capacity? If not, what % are you? What's keeping you there?  No, I'm not and there's nothing stopping me from it except my own highly developed procrastination skills.  As for what I'm running at....75%? 

2.  Have you done your taxes? Planned/booked a summer holiday? Thought about or started your 'spring cleaning'? Besides what's listed here, tell us one task that needs doing before spring rolls around.  It's a no for the taxes. We tend to be last minute on that...a habit I plan to change, but we had to wait for one last form to arrive and it did over the weekend so, we are good to go. I don't think we are taking a big vacation this summer so, no planning there. Spring cleaning? Ha! Winter isn't done with us yet. I wouldn't dream of doing it before late April. 

What do I need to do before spring? Find out how to kill the roots of a trumpet vine that is growing up through my raised garden beds. I have a sad feeling it's going to mean emptying the beds and digging the roots out. Not a job anyone is looking forward to.

3. What's a favorite food from your part of the country?  Pierogies, kielbasa, halushki, halupki, big salads with meat and fries on top, and Primanti Brothers' sandwiches with fries and coleslaw in them (I don't like those).

4. This isn't a leap year, but let's run with it anyway...look before you leap, a leap of faith, grow by leaps and bounds, leap to conclusions, leap at the opportunity...which phrase might best be applied to your life currently (or recently)? Explain.
  I guess the one that comes closest is "leap at the opportunity," because I leap at any opportunity to spend time with the littlest grandson while he's still kind of cuddly.

Brushing his teeth like a big boy!

5. As the month draws to a close list five fun and/or fabulous things (large or small) you noticed or experienced in February.
  1. Babysat the little one for an entire weekend.  2. My husband is doing great on his diet.  3. The robins are back!  4. Got to go see our son and his family this past weekend and spend time with the other grandkids!  5. It's been warm enough and dry enough a couple of times to take a walk.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
  I am sure praying that the government, the schools, and parents soon find a solution to the violence in schools.  It's no exaggeration when I tell you that since the school shooting in Florida virtually ALL of the local school districts here have either had to cancel classes or evacuate the schools in response to vague threats left on restroom walls.  Or worse yet, deal with a real threat of violence.  For the most part, it has been the former, but still....these kids that think it's funny and a great way to get a day off school need a good, hard dose of reality.  For the others, we must find a better way to deal with mental health issues, bullying, and the like.  It's just such a sad and GROWING phenomenon.  I pray we can find real solutions.

Have a blessed and happy week!


  1. We had similar sorts of stuff in the schools here, thankfully nothing real. I've never been to Pittsburgh but my hubs has and he loved the Primanti Bros sandwich. Hope you get the root out! So glad you had time with your grands this month!

    1. It is still ongoing with the schools here. There was another one yesterday. No one has been hurt, but a few that they've caught have been serious enough to have a plan and at least one weapon.

  2. Time with the grandkids is the best. Even if it’s just video chats

    1. I'm thinking I need to learn how to do that for the older two. They are only an hour or so away, but it's far enough we can't just pop over any old time and with their busy schedules and our work schedules it's hard to find a time that works. Plus I don't think their parents want too much togetherness.

  3. All the foodie answers are making me hungry!! LOL I enjoyed your Hodgepodge!!

    1. Thank you. I'm going to have to play catch-up and try to get around to visit everyone today. Our internet was going wonky last night.

  4. Hello from NH. I am a fellow hodgepodge visiting sites from the list on Joyce Daley's blog page. I agree with your random thought. I hope that they come up with a solution that actually addresses the problem and not some feel good solution. I enjoyed reading your Hodgepodge answers. Have a wonderful week.


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