January 1, 2018

A Last Look Back

Just a quick little bit of a look back on 2017.  Thanks to Kwizgiver, who I completely stole this from.

In 2017, I gained: a son-in-law, and some insight into the kind of person I am and the kind of person I want to be.

I lost: 35 pounds (still have more to go) and in December I said goodbye to my sweet hound dog, Elvis.

I stopped: drinking regular sodas...now to work on the diet Coke.

I started: making more meals at home.

I was hugely satisfied by: the way my daughter's wedding came together. It was perfect after all those months of planning and stressing and a week of intense labor.

And frustrated by: the political mood in this country and having to worry that everything you say will offend someone.

I am so embarrassed that I: spent so much time on social media.

Once again, I: went overboard at Christmas.

Once again, I did not: declutter and organize the house.

The biggest physical difference between me last December and this December is: I am 35 pounds lighter and that has helped ease the pain I experience when on my feet for long periods or when I try to go for walks. It encourages me to lose more in the hope that it will ease it even further.

The biggest psychological difference between me last December and this December is: I am content and confident in who I am. I don't have to try to be someone or something else to please anyone.

I loved spending time: reading, playing online games, and being with my youngest grandson.

Why did I spend even two minutes: reading all the political rants and garbage on Facebook.

I should have spent more time: exercising, studying the Bible, decluttering, and cooking.

I regret buying: nothing.

I will never regret buying books even though with that money I could have paid some bills.

I didn’t do things with friends enough.

The terminally offended drove me crazy.  

The most relaxing place I went was Erie, PA. It was also the only place I went this year, but I needed that long weekend away with the hubby once the wedding was over.

Why did I go to my company Christmas party? Boring.

The best thing I did for someone else was EVERYTHING I did to put my daughter's wedding together.

The best thing I did for myself lose 35 pounds.

The best thing someone did for me all the cards, comments and gifts when my dog died.

The one thing I’d like to do again, but do it better, plant and grow a garden in the raised beds my husband made for me. It was the first year and I made mistakes and learned a lot.


  1. That's a fun exercise! I hope Tom will build a raised garden, once we get settled in our new place. Ashamed to admit, I've never planted anything (successfully) in my life.

    Must say, I really admire your diplomacy and graciousness with those whose opinions aren't your own. I hope you rub off on me. LOL!

    1. The raised beds are a lot easier to take care of than a regular garden, but I did learn a few things. If you get to that point, message me and I'll tell you what I learned so you don't have to find out the hard way.

      As for diplomacy...I just try to keep in mind the way Jesus dealt with people. With only one or two exceptions he was always kind. Not always easy to do, but I try.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss, I know it's a struggle.

    1. Thank you! I can't believe how much of a difference it made and can only imagine how I will feel if I can get the rest off.

  3. So proud of you. And your weight loss. Incredible.
    Yep... all the arguing about politics & does it change anything? Nope

    1. Thank you, ma'am and nope, you yell your side and I yell my side and neither one of us listens to the other for the most part. Nobody's changing anybody else's mind.

  4. So proud of you. And your weight loss. Incredible.
    Yep... all the arguing about politics & does it change anything? Nope

  5. I would love to try a very small raised bed garden. I enjoyed this post, Stacy! Nice look back (and forward).

    1. I've had a garden my whole life, but this is the first raised bed. I LOVE IT!

  6. That's was fun! I went overboard on Christmas too and didn't get my house organized at all. Congrats on your weight loss.

  7. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your year. Congrats on losing 35lbs. Hoping I can do that this year myself.


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