July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July

Wishing you and yours a

Be safe and enjoy your celebrations while honoring all those who have sacrificed to keep us free.

This year marks the first time in my life that I am not celebrating in some way with family. It makes me a little sad because when my dad was alive he made July 4th a holiday second only to Christmas.  I mean it was a Big.Stinking.Deal. 
We'd begin the celebration by watching our town's parade, which is one of the largest in the region, lasting at least 2 hours!  Following the parade we'd rush home to a picnic that included all the neighbors who lived right around us and after three generations were considered family.  There'd be so much food, games, and swimming all day. In the evening we'd gather on the lawn to watch the town's fireworks (there weren't so many houses or trees in the way back then).

The picnics continue, but since my dad passed and the older generations are gone, it isn't the same and we haven't gone for years.  Even though my family was the first one here on the hill we are outnumbered.  All of the neighbors surrounding us and my mom's house are members of one family.  Since we are now welcoming the 5th generation on the hill, many have scattered and are living elsewhere so we just don't know them.  The last time we tried going we felt like outsiders at someone else's family reunion.

Normally we get together with my mom and stepdad and our kids and their families, but we have been together for cookouts the last two weekends and are kind of picnicked out.  Mom and John are getting older and not so much for big celebrations any more.  Our son and his family are busy getting packed and ready to head to the beach tomorrow for their vacation.  I don't know what our daughter and her crew are doing....and my husband is working.

I am a little melancholy about it, but don't feel bad for me.  I'm going to use the day to do some reading, work on my homework for Bible study, and maybe start cleaning up the bedroom and making room for the CPAP machine that I will be getting sometime this month.  And maybe I'll sneak in watching one of the unopened movies we have sitting around...one of the ones my husband wouldn't like.


  1. The 4th is one of those holidays we stay home for and so does most of the family - the closest being five hours away anyway. This year, though, we are participating in a potluck at our clubhouse and hope to meet more of our new neighbors! I'll blog about it later this week!

  2. Now I'm missing my daddy! I've never known anyone who loved a patriotic parade more than that man.

    Ya, we know what it feels like being the 3rd wheel. Whether its family or good friends life's too short not to feel welcome.

    'Sounds as if yours is a therapeutic afternoon ... interested in what film you chose. :)


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