July 31, 2017

Books, Boogie & Bambi

Just a quick catch up on the weekend for today.


I woke up early to oppressive humidity and cloudy skies.  Rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast.  Not a good day for any outside plans. Fortunately, I didn't have any.

Mom dropped her dog off before I was even dressed.  She and my stepdad were headed to her hometown for her 55-year class reunion.  I don't know how many of her class of 60 are still alive, but she said the last she'd heard only 13 of them had signed up for the reunion.

Once the dogs were settled in I headed out for Monroeville and the ginormous Half Price Books clearance sale at the convention center.  I did stop by the Toyota dealership our son works at to give him some things they had forgotten on their last visit, some books I was parting with, and a couple of things for the grandkids.

It was crazy at the book sale!  The convention center is a satellite of the mall and there is a big Hilton right next door.  When I got there, shortly after opening, there were no parking spaces to be found near the place.  Cars were waiting in line just to cruise the lot hoping to get a space.  I got out of that mess and parked over a 1/4 mile away and hoofed it in.  It was so crowded and hard to get at the tables.  I ended up spending THREE hours browsing!

I bought a few novels for myself, a couple more cookbooks, a couple of books for our grandson (too many choices for me to choose books for the older grandkids), a book of homemaking tips for my daughter, and the prize....a signed copy of Jeffery Deaver's Garden of Beasts for my son.  Anyway, thank goodness they will box up your books and hold them at a pick-up point while you go get your car.  I would have hated schlepping them all that way back to the car.

Our youngest grandson had spent the first two days of his parents' vacation with his other grandparents, but they brought him here around 8:00 Friday evening to stay with us until Mommy and Daddy got home on Sunday.


My husband worked so it was just Boogie (our grandson Colton's nickname) and me all day.  We didn't do much of anything because the poor little guy had a cold and was so stuffed up.  He had a bit of a fever, too.  All he wanted to do was be held, even when he slept.  I loved cuddling him, but I sure didn't get anything done.  My husband worked longer than I thought he would and he wasn't feeling well when he got home so it was just me and the two sickies.

On an interesting note, a man came to my door and asked if he could have all the fallen apples on the ground under our apple tree.  He said he had a deer farm and the deer would love them.  I told him he was welcome to them.  His response was to invite us to come see the deer farm as a thank you.  How cool!


Boogie was feeling a lot better after sleeping 8 hours straight through the night. My husband was another story.  Still we took him to see the fawns at the deer farm, picked up a few things at Walmart and got an ice cream cone.

Boogie was so excited when he saw the deer (not that it shows in the pictures). His little arms and legs were flailing all over the place and he was squealing and hyperventilating at the same time!

Mommy and Daddy got here around 8:30 and oh, if you could have seen Colton's face!  At first he just kind of looked at them, then our daughter said his name and he got this look of absolute wonder on his face and turned to look at me like "is this for real?"  Then he just went nuts when his mama took him in her arms and he kept reaching out to touch his daddy and look up at him in awe.  It was so sweet.


The house is quiet except for the sound of the fan and the hound dog's snoring. I don't have much planned beyond trying to put the house back together.  It kind of looks like a tornado blew through.


  1. aahhh - that's so cute. I bet you all wish you recorded his first little reunion with his momma :)

    I WANT TO PET THAT DEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It would have been cute, but they called right as they were pulling in the driveway to ask me to keep him out of sight until they were both in the house...kind of caught me off guard.

  2. That little deer is so precious, but not as precious as that adorable child! Hope hubby is feeling better!

    1. No, and I don't know if it's a cold or not. He won't go see the doctor again. He asked if I thought they'd prescribe him an antibiotic if he called. I told him they'd want to see him first.

  3. I'd love to visit a deer farm, as well!

    That book sale sounds crazy. Don't know I'd have had your stick-to-it-iveness, but scoring that signed Deaver novel had to feel great.

    1. It was very interesting. There are a few around our area, but I had no idea about this one.


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