August 1, 2017

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Reading: A paperback romance by Barbra Delinsky that is not my style and I'm not enjoying it at all....but I'm stubborn about finishing a book if I start it.  It has to be stealing my will to live before I will decide to walk away.

Watching: Good Morning America

Listening to: The television, the fan, and a truck grinding gears on the highway 2 blocks away.

Wanting: The muscle relaxer and ibuprofen I just took to kick in. My back has been spasming all night.

Needing: to do something with all that zucchini that's staring at me from the kitchen counter.

Loving: the results I am getting with the Adipex-P.  Last week at the doctor's office I was down another 5 pounds, that's 17 in two months!  I've been extra good since then and according to my scale I'm down a couple more pounds.

Thinking: about wedding stuff.  We're addressing the invitations on Wednesday and Thursday we're going shopping for flowers for the bouquets and decorations.

Feeling: content

Celebrating: the anniversary of friends tonight when our Bible study group meets.

Grateful for: my friend and mentor who keeps me sane.

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  1. Replies
    1. The meds kicked in pretty quickly yesterday. :)

  2. Hope the pain meds kicked in! I think I'll ask my doctor about that diet pill. There is so much I can't take because of other meds. Can't hurt to ask. You are doing GREAT!

    1. I take it in combination with a med for high bp and my bp has never been better...which seems odd since part of the Adipex is a stimulant. I haven't had any trouble and it's working beautifully. My doctor couldn't be happier.

  3. Oh, I hope by now your back muscles have relaxed!

    Your first paragraph cracks me up. Now, I've a lot more years on you, so if I don't 'feel' it by the first hundred pages, I'm onto greener pastures. Life's too short!

    1. The back is good today, thanks!

      I'm making one concession on the book. It's one of those double feature ones...two books in one...I did finish the first one, but I'm not even going to look at the second one!


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