June 29, 2017

Thankful Thursday: Family, Diets & Books

Good morning, y'all!  Welcome to another Thankful Thursday where I hook up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand to share some of the things I am thankful for this week.

This week I am thankful...
  • for the beautiful afternoon we had with family on Sunday.  Our son and his family were finally able to come home for a visit (they missed Father's Day because the kids had a strep infection).  The temperature was just right so we were able to sit out on the deck all afternoon and the kids played in the yard.  We even had the Navy's Blue Angels for entertainment thanks to the air show.  The kids climbed up in the back of Pappy's truck to watch...something city kids don't get to do...and thought that was soooo cool!  It's the simple things in life.
  • for the good report at my checkup.  I'm down 12 pounds in the first month on the diet pills.  Imagine how good that would be if I'd actually exercised!
  • for the lack of awkwardness when I went along for our grandson's 6-month checkup.  His pediatrician is also our former pastor.  It could have been uncomfortable, but it wasn't.
  • for the way my little man is growing.  It is looking like he will be tall like his daddy, but where daddy weighs about 100 lbs. soaking wet, I think we are raising a linebacker in our grandson.  Six months old and he's already 27.5 inches long and 18.8 lbs. He's rapidly growing out of his 9 months sized clothes and into 12 months! Slow down, little man, slow down! 
  • to Comcast for having the movie Fireproof in it's free On Demand movie section this month.  It says it comes from the Christian venue UP.com, which I'm pretty sure we don't have so I don't know how Comcast has it, but I'm still thankful.  I think I'm probably about the last Christian to see it. It's been out for nearly 10 years and I've heard so much about it and the Love Dare marriage curriculum it inspired.  I loved it!  So much so that I immediately ordered the book and it arrived yesterday!
  • for absolutely perfect (in my opinion) summer weather all week.  The nights have been cool...we've dipped down into the 40s!...and the days have been comfortable in the low to mid 70s.  I've actually been able to spend some time enjoying my deck during daylight hours.
  • that my new raised garden beds are doing so well.  First thing every morning I snap Daisy's leash on her and we go out for her to do her "business" and for me to walk around the beds.  I pull weeds if there are any, check for growth, check if anything is ready or getting close to ready, and look for potential problems....fungus, bugs, etc.
  • that there is a new Janet Evanovich book out this month.  It's not part of the Stephanie Plum series, the Fox & O'Hare series, or even the Lizzie & Diesel series....it's book two in the Knight & Moon series.  Personally, I think it's time to wrap up the Stephanie Plum series.  The writing just isn't as fresh and fun as it used to be.  Let the girl choose between Ranger and Morelli and move on with her life.  The other three series are really fun and fast paced and I hope she continues them all, though it's been a while since she's released a Lizzie & Diesel story.  Anyway, must get that new release to complete my summer reading list!
  • that, though she has been gone for nearly 17 years, I had a wonderful, loving, and supportive mother-in-law who I absolutely adored.  I think of what a special blessing she was every time my daughter is reduced to tears by her future mother-in-law (pretty much daily).  I am praying God will deal with the woman and either change her or keep her away from my girl. My daughter struggles with depression as it is and the woman's constant harping and belittling does not help.
  • for the book my Bible study group is reading.  It's called Driven by Eternity and it's written by John Bevere.  Oh my stars, is it ever good!  It's pretty much life changing.  It's all about heaven, hades, and hell...about who will and won't be in heaven...and why.  Bevere backs everything he says up with scripture and many cross references.  You can't read it without feeling a new urgency to share the gospel because you can't stand the thought of anyone having to suffer eternity in hell.  It may also open your eyes to an area or areas where you, yourself, need some work.
  • for Countrytime Black Cherry Lemonade.  That stuff is g-oooood!
  • and as always for my God, my family, my friends, and all of YOU!


  1. Oh my goodness. Look at ALL THE GOOD STUFF in your world right now!!! Love it all!!!!
    I'm so excited for you in your journey of health & getting fit!!!
    I always hold my breath at those awkward situations where it can feel REALLY strange but just try to always be a kind person & hope they feel the same. Takes the awkward away.
    I love John Bevere... I'll have to check out that book.
    Thanks as always for linking up with me <3

    1. I hate those awkward situations. I'm an introvert so it gets REALLY awkward because I have no idea what to say or do.

  2. I agree with Rebecca Jo!! This is such a good list of things to be thankful for!! That little guy is GROWING FAST!! I haven't read any of those other Evanovich books, but I agree with you about the Plum books. Starting to get ho-hum.

    1. I think that she's putting out all these other books is telling. She just needs to write one last really good one in the Plum series and settle the Ranger/Morelli question (I'm so going to HATE her if she ends it and leaves us hanging!).

  3. Always looking for a good book and this one sounds wonderful. Maybe my Ladies Group will be interested. I also have to try the lemonade, that sounds soooo yummy!

    1. It is an fairly easy to read book for one so life-changing. I hope your group goes for it.

  4. Great list, Stacy! I used to read everything Janet Evanovich wrote, but after a while I grew weary of the Plum series. (In case push comes to shove, my money's on Morelli ... but my heart hopes it's Ranger.)

    1. I feel pretty much the same way. I think she'll marry Joe in the end. He knows about her involvement with Ranger but loves her anyway. Or maybe the last one will reveal who Ranger really is and changes him so that he can commit. Sigh....end it already, Janet!

  5. Yay for the good report and weight loss. Our weather has been beautiful here too until today. But even today wasn't terrible.


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