June 7, 2017

Sleeping, Babysitting & the Snooty Rich

Well, there is no Wednesday Hodgepodge this week as Joyce is taking a well deserved break (no way would I want to have to come up with questions for a meme every single week!).

And then they expect you to sleep!
I am recently home from my second night of a sleep study.  The first night was horrible.  I was physically uncomfortable in the rock-hard bed they provided and all those wires!  Last night there were just as many wires and the same bed, but the CPAP machine made it much better.

I won't lie, it's going to take some getting used to once I get a machine at home, but I slept deeply and feel better than I have in ages.  All those familiar aches and pains were missing this morning.  It's amazing what some good sleep will do for you.

Monday was my first day of babysitting our grandson while his mamma worked. I have a feeling it may have been my last, too.  She has not been excited about starting this job since her training day a couple of weeks ago and she lost any excitement she had left yesterday.

Let me explain where she works...

It's the summer compound of a very rich family.  I am talking about ALL the family down through several generations.  There are 14 houses in the compound with several floors.  I have no idea how many people stay in each house, but there are over 100 people there for the summer.  There is a big enclosed pool and pool house, stable, tennis courts, etc.  There must be a banquet hall of sorts, too, because there is always an ad in the paper for banquet staff.  The place is so big that the maids (my daughter) have golf carts to drive from the staff building to the houses.

Anyway, it seems the people are not very nice....actually very snooty might be the word.  If the weather is bad (and it's been that way a LOT so far this summer) they don't want the maids in the houses with them knowing their business, polluting the air, or whatever.  So if there's anything else they can do, the maids get sent to do it.  Yesterday they cleaned the pool house, but then got sent home at noon.

So, couple the crappy conditions with her fiancee not being thrilled with the job, either....and I'm pretty sure she's not going back today.  She was supposed to send me a message on Facebook and let me know, but so far nothing and if she's going, she should be on her way now.

She is looking into programs at nursing homes to become a CNA or there is a program at the hospital that is something similar but pays more.  I am praying she finds what she wants to do soon.  It would sure make things easier for them if she had an income.

With my summer suddenly looking a lot freer, I just may do some job searching of my own.  I have been wanting to find something other than bus driving for several years now.  The driving pays pretty well, but the hours stink and it's only the days there are school so holidays, snow days, etc. all mean shorter pays and then only piddly unemployment checks in the summer.  An office job would be nice.  I'm sure I could handle it...here's hoping when I find one I'm interested in I can convince an employer since I don't have a lot of actual job experience.

Well, I am off to find something to eat and then get a shower to try and wash this glue from the sleep study out of my hair.  Then....maybe I'll enjoy a movie on this lovely rainy day.

Have a blessed day!


  1. WHOOOO... that seems like a little bit of a tough family to work for.
    Heck, I wish I could figure out what I want to do in life ;) haha

  2. Oh geeze. I'd *maybe* last at that compound a day. Funny, now that you mention it: A few years ago I was bemoaning the state of what we call our "summer clientele" ... wishing I worked at a more high-end resort (higher-class guests, etc.) Two of my co-workers who've done just that came back with some real horror stories about those so-called 'higher-class' folk. No amount of $$$ gives anyone the right to be ugly.

    Crossing my fingers for better horizons ... both for your daughter and you!

  3. My Joe tried to do a sleep study. They threw him out. Hope the CPAP helps you! They seem to be a lot more comfortable and easier to manage these days. Joe's was awful. Keep us posted on the job search!


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