March 9, 2017

A Sunny Thankful Thursday

It's time to show some gratitude.  I'm joining in with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.  My favorite blogging day of the week!

This week I am thankful...

* for one more day of mild temperatures and sunshine before the snow flies once again.

* I am thankful our daughter lives close by and that we get to see our new little grandson lots.

* that a very bad situation worked out for a friend and that she was brave enough to share her testimony with our bible study group.

* that God is with us in everything and that we can trust Him to work all things to good...even if we have to walk through fire first.

* that I feel better than I have since before Christmas.  The cough is mostly gone, though I still get a "wheezy" feeling from time to time.  At my follow-up yesterday my doctor decided to keep me on an inhaler for now.  I also have to have a pulmonary function test done and get allergy testing so we can find out what the underlying reason is for my endless cough each winter.

* for the yummy steaks Hubby cooked on the grill last night.  Not at all a usual thing for March in Pennsylvania, but oh, sooooo good.

* that even though this past Monday was the Monday-est Monday ever I can still see God's hand in it.  The brake that went out on Hubby's truck first thing was an easy fix...Mom's car was available for me to borrow for the day...when I hung the bus wheel up on the guardrail it didn't do any major damage....and all the other things that the enemy tried to throw at me all worked out somehow and when I concentrated on those outcomes the day didn't seem so sucky after all.

* for the support and encouragement you've been giving me on the new blog.

* of course, for each and every one of YOU!

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  1. Testimony is such a powerful thing - love your bible study sister shared hers.
    Oh my goodness... that g-babe. ADORABLE!!!!!


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