July 2, 2018


I am...

ReadingThe Edge of Over There by Shawn Smucker

Watching: Chuck Norris in Code of Silence (not my choice)

Listening to: the above mentioned movie...sort of

Loving: the rain and tonight's cooler temps

Thinking: I really like the way I rearranged the furniture this afternoon

Feeling: a bit sore from moving the furniture

Celebrating: that in spite of not listening to his doctor, Tim's knee is healing very well

Grateful for: everything!

Weather: it was in the 90's and humid, but thunderstorms have cooled it off quite a bit and it's comfortable out there now.

Enjoying: my days with my youngest grandson

A quote I want to share:  


  1. I love the fresh feeling of cooler air after these miserably humid days! What a great quote!

    1. We just had the break last night. Unfortunately, the heat and humidity is back and will stay till Friday. Bah-humbug!

  2. I did a currently... today also. I love your quote.

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe it was all just a dream? Hotter than ever again today!

  4. The rain just makes us steamier here in Florida. Love the quote!

  5. The rain is nice here in Ga.
    Terri D is right about the rain in Fl.
    I haven't lived there in so long I forgot about that.

    I have been thinking about changing our furniture around.
    I may do that in August when our living situation gets moved around with our youngest moving out.

    Have a happy and safe July 4th.

    1. I meant to leave my blog link since blogger automatically goes to G+ page.



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