June 26, 2018


I am...

Running a day late on posting, but with good reason. Our daughter and her husband finally closed on their house last night. They are officially home owners! I have been keeping our grandson or the puppy or both of them at once for the last 4 days while they get things done. Today they are finishing up some painting and moving in their stuff.

Reading: Nothing. I finished Come Sundown by Nora Roberts last night and haven't had time to start anything new yet.

Watching: PJ Masks on Disney Jr. Or is it Nick Jr? I don't know. It's whatever Colton was watching when he fell asleep and I'm not changing it for fear it will wake him up.

Listening to: The above mentioned kids' show, the hum of the fan, and the laundry spinning in the dryer.

Loving: These gorgeous days of low humidity and temperatures in the mid 70's.

Thinking: About what a blessing it's going to be having Colton (and any brothers or sisters that may come along) living next door.

Feeling: Happy and admittedly, a little tired.

Celebrating: The kids closing on their house.

Grateful for: The way my husband's knee seems to be healing up...in spite of him not listening to doctor's orders and going to work anyway. He is, at least, staying mostly in his office and using his crutches when he's away from home. He sees the surgeon again today (he should be there now) so we will see how it's going.

Weather: Perfect. Sunny with a nice breeze, low humidity, and mid 70's. 90's and oppressive humidity are due to move in this weekend. Blech!

Enjoying: A moment of peace and quiet while Colton naps.

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  1. What a lovely house! now to make it a home. :)

  2. I love you are in the land of Disney or Nick Jr. :)
    So excited for your daughter & her house - SO CLOSE!

  3. Oh, happy day! Congratulations to all! Prayers that your hubby gets good news from his surgeon.

  4. I'm so happy for you all, that the kids will be right next door. Lovely!

  5. This is good news! Enjoy having your family close to you.


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