May 10, 2018

Springing Into Thankful Thursday

Taking a few moments in a busy day to link up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.

This week I am thankful...

* Spring has really, truly, dug in her heels and declared she is staying.

* Tim finally went to see the doctor specifically about his knee after complaining about it for months. It is full of fluid. The cause is unknown until an MRI can be done, but at least something is happening now. Keep him in prayer that it is something that just needs time to heal rather than the worst case scenario of needing surgery.

* everything seems to be proceeding on track with the kids buying the house next door.

* today is my Friday. Officially, there's no school tomorrow due to an ACT 80 day or parent/teacher conferences or something, but (wink, wink) we all know it's because tomorrow night is Prom. 

* there are only 13 more days of school! May 31 is the last day.

* the Beth Moore study group meets tonight. The discussions following each week's video have been amazing. So nice to finally have a group of women who trust each other (and that I trust) enough to be honest and transparent in their faith. I've been part of too many groups and churches where everyone puts on their "church face." That mask of Christian "perfection" that doesn't let anyone get close and surely doesn't help anyone.

* the Claritin I've been taking before bed every night seems to be keeping the allergies under control.

* the power of the Holy Spirit that empowers me to live in the Father's will.

* Tim is getting to spend some time with our son tonight. He's helping with some curb appeal projects at his house. It's good that they can work together and nice for Pappy to get to see the grandkids...though I might be a wee bit jealous about that.

* American Idol is going so quickly. I love that they aren't dragging it out for months like they used to do.

* we were able to cook several dinners on the grill this week. YUM!

* some boxes of tile were moved and after many months I was finally able to get to the closet in the guest bedroom and that meant I could finally organize the piles of clothes in our bedroom, putting away the winter things and putting the summer things back on the shelves. Hooray, for being able to see the chair again!

* for all of YOU!


  1. Praying that knee can be handled simply & easily for your hubs.
    I'm so angry with American Idol for messing with the Dancing with the Stars schedule. Grrrrr.
    Enjoy that day off tomorrow!

    1. Thank you! I didn't know AI messed with Dancing. Tim hates AI so I have to watch it On Demand.

  2. Prayers for your husband! I don't watch AI and haven't for years. Joe does not like music shows like AI and The Voice. I would watch, but he won't - so we don't. I enjoyed your list!

    1. Tim doesn't like them, either. I watch AI On Demand when he's not home.

  3. Almost always, (I think) dinner from the grill tastes better! I'm not 'into' AI as much as I am the Voice ... but love the concept. Prior to these shows, I wonder how many young people with Real Talent lived and died undiscovered.

  4. Praying all goes well with your husband's knee. I love our Bible Study group too, because everyone shares openly most of the time and I learn so much from each one.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day.


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