May 13, 2018

A "Favorite" Sunday Stealing

Linking up this Mother's Day with Bev and the gang from Sunday Stealing.

This is from Blue Haired Mary, who hasn't blogged in a couple of years, but says she is a fan of "wit and symbolism" and likes doll making and Zentangling

If you could, where would you max out a credit card?   I can't think of anywhere I'd want to max out a card...unless I could do that at a travel agency. I'd book trips to as many places as I could.
Why do you like the music you listen to?  I like all kinds of music. Sometimes it's as simple as the melody or beat that appeals and makes me want to get up and move. Other times it's the words.  Music is meant to touch the emotions and that's usually the root of why I like something, I guess.  It makes me feel something or reminds me of a certain time or person.
What are your favorite colors? 
I love the whole palette of autumn colors...oranges, reds, golds, greens, and browns.

Do you collect anything?  Books (first editions, old children's, certain authors, classics,bibles), older flower pots that are shaped like animals, chickens, journals, and Navajo pottery.

What's your dream job?  I would love to buy and sell antiques. I'd say books, but books are a tough way to make a living, very few of them are actually worth a lot of money.

Favorite cosmetics brands:  I don't wear enough make-up or wear it often enough to have a favorite.

Favorite scents: Fruity or food (vanilla, cinnamon, etc) scents. Anything floral kills my sinuses.

Favorite flavors:  Chocolate, caramel, ranch, pizza....hard to pin it down since it doesn't say favorite flavor of what.

Favorite magazines:  Country Living, Country Sampler, Flea Market Style, The New Pioneer, O, and any decorating or gardening magazine.

Favorite piece of jewelry:  My wedding band and a pair of small silver hoops are the only jewelry I wear all the time.

Favorite Holiday:  Thanksgiving because it's a slower holiday and is all about being with family. I like Christmas, but hate how consumer driven it is.

Favorite season:  Fall...everything about it. Including pumpkin flavored everything!

Coffee or tea?  Tea. Coffee smells good, but I don't like the taste at all.

Where would you go on vacation if you could go anywhere?  If safety and money weren't issues, I would visit the Middle East. I have always been fascinated by and wanted to see the area known as the cradle of civilization.  We get so excited about our 300 year old history...I want to see things that have been there for thousands of years.

What kind of geek are you?  Book. Definitely a book geek. Maybe a food/cooking geek. Just a pinch of a wine geek. Definitely the type of geek that likes auctions, flea markets, yard sales, etc. I just don't know what to call that kind.


  1. "Chocolate, caramel, ranch, pizza ..." I agree that those are all great flavors. But as I was reading your answer, I thought, "Wouldn't they be completely awful together?"

  2. I never even thought about books being geeky, but I guess they are, and I know a lot more about books than I do about my techno-stuff.

  3. This was a fun read! Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  4. I've several olden children's books (ca. 1913) that belonged to my dad, but never considered there might be a market for them. The only way I'd max out a credit card would be to save or prolong the life of one of my fur babies. Loved your answer to #2 (music)!

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  6. If I could go anywhere, outside the country, I'd like to visit Greece. In the USA I want to see the Grand Canyon. I love books too. In fact, we have 3-4 of the old Dick and Jane Books that we learned to read from.

    For flavors I think it would be beef, pork, potatoes and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. lol

    Scents - vanilla is my favorite!

  7. I suppose I'm a book geek, too. Didn't call myself that, though.


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