April 9, 2018

April Challenge #9

Your thoughts on ageism.

Old does not happen at the same age it did just a couple of generations ago. People can be and are living vital lives well into their 70's and 80's. And no matter what the younger folks think, wisdom comes with age. Especially, the wisdom to know that you don't know it all. No one should be written off because of age alone.


  1. You were kinder than I was, answering this #9. The April Challenge has been fun to do so far!!

  2. Ageism -- I wasn't familiar with that term at the time -- is in large part why I parted ways with Big Corporation. They were far too wise to be obvious, but there existed a DEFINITE prejudice against 'older' adults. My friend and I used to daydream about winning the lottery and creating a business staffed exclusively by those 65+.

  3. I might be too young or too naive to be able to answer this prompt.


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