April 27, 2018

April Challenge #27

What you wore today.

The older I get the more about comfort I get. Combine that with being stuck in the bus for most of the day and it doesn't exactly add up to fashionista. 

Today I wore a typical outfit for weather that is cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon: denim jeggings, long-sleeved gray t-shirt with purple stripes and glittery purple flowers, gray Jansport sandal/shoe things, and a gray zippered hoodie.


  1. I'm about comfort these days, too. I pretty much wear my black yoga pants every day.

    Denim jeggings are a great wardrobe staple. You can dress them up or down, depending on the kind of shirt you wear. So, that means comfort and style!

    Patti (no longer Joy in the Middle, now Ninety-Twelve Psalms Avenue)

  2. Comfort is the only way to go for me too!


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