April 14, 2018

April Challenge #14

Your life in seven years.

For starters, I will be sixty. The big 6 - 0. Yikes! That's hard to wrap my mind around. I imagine I will still be working, but I hope it won't be as a bus driver.  Tim will be 64 and as long as he is physically able I'm sure he will still be working. His family's health history is a nightmare so I pray daily for his health to hold up better than it has for some of the others. 

Our kids will be 38 and 32.  The grandkids will be 16, 12, and 8...and I imagine there will be at least one more by then.  

My mom will be 80. The women in our family tend to live well into their 80s and some into their 90s. Unfortunately, their health is often not good and they may not be aware of reality. So, it's possible I will be dealing with being a caregiver.

I doubt we will move or have any other big changes.  I can't really imagine any huge changes.

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  1. This was an interesting question. Always subject to change and hopefully change for the better!


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