April 13, 2018

April Challenge #13

Your commute to/from work.

I live roughly 12 miles from where I work. The drive takes 15-25 minutes depending on my speed, weather conditions (which can, and has, doubled the time), traffic, the luck of the lights, etc.  It encompasses the Loyalhanna Gorge scenic area, which is beautiful, but it is ALWAYS dark on my way to work. Since I can't enjoy the scenery, I use the time to pray. I find that offering up my day to God and praying for those on my mind sets the tone for my day.

The drive home after the morning bus runs is usually broken up by any errands I need to run and is often when I chat with my friend on the phone.

Heading back to work for the afternoon, I'm usually pushing it as I tend to drag my feet until the last possible minute. I am usually all about just getting to work as quickly as I can.

As for the drive home (at the end of the day), sometimes it's daylight and sometimes (near Christmas) it's not. I'm tired and want to get home.  I usually crank up the radio to some 80s music and sing loudly and badly to unwind.


  1. I so enjoy these sorts of vignettes ... getting to know you better!

  2. I'm so glad to not have a work commute anymore, even though mine was shorter than yours!


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