September 9, 2017

Saturday 9: Sign of the Times

Saturday 9: Sign of the Times (2017)

... because Cat recommended Harry Styles 

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Harry sings, "We don't talk enough, we should open up before it's all too much." When you have something serious on your mind, who do you share it with?  I've learned to take things to God first and after that it's usually my friend and mentor, Fran.  I can talk to her about anything and about all things of a spiritual nature. While I feel safe talking to my husband, he doesn't like to deal with the messy side of life and tends to shut down if I take it to him, so I just don't. Less stress all the way around that way.

2) As a kid, Harry wanted to be a lawyer because he can see "both sides." Are you good at seeing both sides of an argument?  I'm sure I could be better at it, but I do try to at least understand the motivation of the other side, where the person is coming from.  I can respect your point of view without agreeing with you....a "talent" sadly lacking these days.

3) He can't decide which is favorite color -- orange or blue. Help Harry out: which of those colors do you prefer?  Absolutely, positively, orange all the way! The color palette of autumn makes me happy and I've surrounded myself with it in my home (my living room and kitchen have orange walls!).

My actual living room, but it's an older picture taken
right after it was painted. A lot has changed since
then. I tend to change my surroundings a lot.

4) Harry says he prefers older women, but would never go out with someone older than his mother. Do you think age disparity matters in romance?  I think it's probably different in every case. Personally, I wouldn't get into a relationship with a man a great deal older than me. I grew up with parents who had a 16-year age difference and then one of my husband's sisters was married to a man closer to 20 years older than her.  I suppose when they were all younger it didn't matter as much, though with my parents there were some pretty big differences in life philosophies, but later both women endured through very long periods of their husbands' declining health which kept them from doing a lot of things in life and ultimately left them widowed at relatively young ages.  It's not a path I would choose.

5) He admits to a big crush on Adele, who is six years older than he is. Who are you crushing on right now? (It doesn't have to be a celebrity.)
Okay, I confess to having a slight thing for Simon Cowell and it concerns me greatly.

6) It makes Harry's skin crawl when he sees people use their teeth to open bottles. What creeps you out? People who do this:

7) When he's on the road, his go-to food is tacos. Do you like Mexican food?  Love it as long as it isn't too spicy.

8) Harry has never smoked. Have you ever been a smoker? If you quit, how did you successfully kick the habit?  I've never been beyond one or two at parties in college. Surprising really since every single man in my family smoked when I was growing up. Maybe the fact that the women in my family didn't is what kept me from it? What keeps me from it now (aside from loathing the taste and gagging on the smell) is that I watched my dad fight lung cancer and ultimately die from it. My son was very close to him and when he took up smoking I could have gleefully knocked him upside his stupid head. He's given it up for vaping, though I think he may still chew. He says the vaping cuts his urge for that, too, so I'm hoping it all goes away soon.

9) Random Question: As she pulls out of her parking space, an elderly woman in an old car scrapes an expensive car. Then she drives away. You witness the whole thing. Do you make a note of her license plate and leave it for the owner of the expensive car? Or do you just mind your own business?  I'd probably leave a note.  I'd pray the owner would be fair and not go after the woman with guns blazing.  If she's elderly she might not be aware of what she did or she may be scared, but that doesn't mean she can not deal with the consequences of what she did. Maybe she shouldn't even be driving...a lot of older folks shouldn't, but do. 

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  1. I see! lol re #9... ;o) I hope to drive until I'm 85 if I make it that long. After that, we'll order in.
    ewww that snake thing. That's truly creepy!

    1. I'm sure you are fine to drive, Zip, but there are a lot of older people who really shouldn't be driving for various health/mental reasons, but their families don't confront them on it. My sister-in-law (the one mentioned above) had to go through it with her husband. He was not fit to drive and his doctor filled out the paperwork that said so, but he was angry and belligerent about it. He would have either been one of those poor souls on the news who has driven 4 states away and doesn't know where they are or how they got there...or he'd have killed some innocent person.

  2. I'll never be the same after that vision above (#6).
    You are so right about respecting without agreeing. People are so polarized these days.

    1. It's one of my nightmares...along with finding a snake in the toilet in the middle of the night. Walmart is actually selling stickers to put on the lid of your toilet so it looks like snakes are in there. Lovely Halloween decoration.

  3. My sister said the same thing about Simon Cowell just the other night when we were chatting online! She said he's so much nicer on AGT than when he was on Idol.

    1. He is nicer, though I didn't think he was as bad as everyone said on Idol. He just refused to tell someone they were good when they were anything but. Maybe having a child has softened him?

  4. My hubby does the same thing! (Shut down, that is.) Sometimes he'll ask, "Why do you have to be so negative?" Actually, I prefer the term 'realist' (*smile*).

    I think the color orange is comforting.

    1. "Negative." That's exactly what I get called, too!


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