August 14, 2017

Weekend Wrap: Lottery Tickets, 1985 & Zucchini

Another weekend of my husband working. Both days this time...well, only half a day on Sunday. I hope the day will come when he doesn't feel so driven to work so many hours, but as our various governments (notably state and school district) keep raising taxes and medical/insurance costs keep rising, I don't see that happening any time soon.  Unless we hit the lottery.  I'm beginning to believe the financial and political people who say the middle class is going to be taxed out of existance.

By the way, did anyone win Saturday night's Powerball? I haven't heard and I have two tickets hanging on the refrigerator that I didn't check yet.

We got some time with our youngest grandson on Friday evening while our daughter and her fiance worked on a sign for the wedding shower in Hubby's workshop. Poor little man was kind of cranky, though. He did NOT like his Pappy in his reading glasses (first time he had seen him that way) and was just fussy about everything. I finally just cuddled him up and sang our special song and he went right to sleep. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?

Saturday was all about cleaning up the house, doing laundry, and sorting through the boxes of memorabilia my mom gave me.  I lost a big chunk of time reading the May 1, 1985 newspaper that our wedding write up was in....Reagan was president, Gorbachev was the fairly new leader of the Soviet Union (which was still the Soviet Union), Delmonico steaks were only $4.99/lb, a brand new Buick Century sedan could be had for under $10,000, and you could put brand new Goodyear all-season radials (their highest quality ones) on that car for $20 or less per tire.  My husband wanted to know if there was a coupon.  Ha!  Can you imagine showing up at the garage with a 32-year-old coupon?

We got a big surprise Saturday evening when our son called and asked if we were at home. Since we were he said they'd stop by to visit. They had been at a local state park swimming all day. They don't really live that far away from us, but it's far enough that we can't really just pop in on each other.  Visits are always planned.  Anyway, it was good to have them here and then our daughter and her family stopped by, too.  It was great having the whole family here on the spur of the moment.

On Sunday I mostly relaxed, but I dealt with another pile of zucchini.  I shredded all of it. I made two loaves of pineapple-blueberry-zucchini bread (recipe here) and froze the rest for later use.  I also pulled some weeds and the plants that were done producing from the raised beds then fertilized what was left. I'm trying to cure my tomato rot problem by supplying more calcium and a LOT more water. Hubby worked then mowed our yard and my mom's.  I made beef stew in the slow cooker for supper and we spent the evening watching TV.

I'm just playing around on the internet this morning, not doing much of anything, and this afternoon I'm babysitting our youngest grandson for a while.


  1. ahhh - have fun babysitting :)
    I love finding old papers & reading what was happening at that time. Isnt it crazy how things change?
    ALL THE ZUCCHINI BREAD!!!!!!! mmmm....

  2. Beef stew in the crock sounds really good! I know you will enjoy babysitting!!

  3. What a lark to see those 'old' newspapers! (Except 1985 doesn't seem all that long ago ... sigh.)


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