August 24, 2017

Thankful Thursday: Here Come the......Brides???

It's a beautiful Thursday morning and that means it's time to link up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.  Shoot over there to check out her list (she is the best list maker EVER) and to find links to the other players.

This week I am thankful...

* that the bridal shower is behind us. It was a stressful event for reasons I'll not get into here.

* for my daughter's cousin-in-law and friend (the matron of honor and a bridesmaid respectively) who saved the day.

* for the husbands of the two mentioned above and the groom-to-be who were good sports and allowed us to dress them as brides in the "classic" shower game involving toilet paper.

Left to right: The bestman, the groom, and our nephew.
* for finally getting to meet our nephew's wife after years of talking to her on Facebook and enjoying dinner with them and our daughter, her fiance, and our grandson the night before the shower.  They are an awesome Christian couple who really have their acts together for as young as they are.  Just love them to death!
Our nephew is just one month older than our daughter.
They are close but with him living in Alabama, we don't
get to see him very often.  They've been married 6 years
and this is the first time we've met his wife!

Look at our little Boogie! Sitting up at the table in the restaurant
like he's an old pro at it. It was only his second time, the first
being earlier that day. He was so good the whole time!

* for not being back to work this week and being able to take the young man we know who received a liver transplant 2 weeks ago to get blood work done this morning...vital to being able to continue the anti-rejection meds.

* for some great and very meaningful conversation on the trip there and back.

* for this fabulous weather this final week of summer vacation. Sunny and in the 70s....what's not to love?!

* that my co-worker and friend, who also happens to be a minister, agreed to officiate at my daughter's wedding. Since neither she nor her fiance are saved he is okay with marrying them.

I am thankful that the kids really like him and his easy going manner....and I'm sure my daughter likes his Southern accent.  That has made them receptive to the things he has said to them.  Things like even if you aren't in church you should read a passage from the Bible together every day and you need to have a relationship with the Lord...believing in Him isn't enough. 

My daughter called to thank me for putting them together with him right after they met this past week and she went on and on with a lot of excitement about how she liked his views on Christianity and how they want to do the daily devotions and they've been talking about going to a church...and how she really wants to get back to that life! 

Wooo Hoooo! This mama is just a singing and dancing in praise over here! I was so excited I got right on line and ordered them a couple's devotional Bible and the Duck Dynasty couple's devotional. (Because it's done by Robertson son, Alan and his wife. Alan is the one who is a pastor and he and his wife have a great testimony of what God can do in a marriage.)

* for another 5 pounds lost!

* for a great night out with the ladies from Bible study.  All the men were away and a couple of the gals were missing, too, so rather than leave them all out of a lesson we decided to end the summer with a party!

And what a party it was because several of us had praises to share. Big praises concerning things the group has been praying for.  It was so awesome to hear all that God is doing!

* for my big lumpy hound who is having a harder and harder time getting around.  He still can, it just takes him a while to get going, and he seems happy and not really in pain so I am just loving him every chance I get cause he really is just the sweetest boy that ever was.  Curse those fatty tumors that are taking over!

* for all of you! 

And now I'd better wrap this up because my daughter wants me to come watch my grandson for a little bit so she can get her house cleaned up.  Have a blessed and wonderful day, my friends!


  1. My Bruno is covered in fatty tumors too. I hate those things.
    How kind of you to help the young man with the transplant. I can imagine that's a lot of care he needs right now.
    PRAISE with you on having the right person come along side your daughter to marry them & let her see Christianity from a new perspective. Sometimes people hear better from a new person than the people they are with all the time ;)
    I love the shower with the guys dressed in the TP - never seen that before - I'll have to remember that one

    1. The tumors started small and the vet said we'd just keep an eye on them. Then all of a sudden they started growing and growing and growing. He has some smaller ones, but he has three that are big the vet wouldn't operate even if I could afford it. Basically, we are just waiting for them to get so large that he can't walk. :(
      Yep, I always pray for God to bring someone into my kids' lives that they will listen to since they don't want to hear it from me.
      You've never played the TP Bride game??? Usually, the guests are divided into groups and one of them is the bride, but since the guys were hanging out....

  2. That's wonderful news about your minister friend doing the service for your daughter -- hopefully she and her fiance will be receptive and open to what the Lord has to say to them through their wedding vows. :)

  3. Thankful for you, too! I smiled all the way through your post, Stacy! Such good news!!

  4. Those 'brides' are a panic!
    How wonderful your daughter and her fiancé are receptive to your friend's ministry. I was raised in the Lutheran church, but never got the 'feels' until I discovered another venue (Christian) that felt like a better fit.

    1. They are too much, aren't they? LOL

      I'm glad you found a church that works for you. :)


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