July 21, 2017

The Simple Woman's Daybook: July 2017

July is already near its end and here I am just getting around to linking up with The Simple Woman's Daybook.  I've missed the last couple of months, but want to get back into the swing of things.

For today...July 21

Looking out my window...The sun is barely breaking the darkness (insomnia strikes!) but the humidity is already oppressive.  The temperature should top out at about 90 degrees today with the humidity only getting worse as the day goes on.

I am thinking...about how to fill the time while the Poodle is being groomed later this morning.  Normally, I sit in my car and read since it takes only about an hour.  Today is too hot for that and the appointment is at 9:00...before most stores are open.  (I ended up going to Barnes & Noble.  I bought 4 books!)

I am thankful...for air conditioning.  In the house, in the car, in most every public space.

One of my favorite things...settling in on the swing with the dogs at my feet, a cold drink at my side, and a good book in hand.

I am creating...nothing yet.  We are still in the planning stage of decorations for our daughter's September wedding.  Parts and pieces are being collected...log slices, mason jars, tea lights, burlap, lace, sunflowers and more.

I am wearing...my pajamas, still.  If I am going to get the Poodle to the groomers on time I will have to shower and dress soon.

I am reading...Driven by Eternity by John Bevere with my Bible study group. It looks at heaven and hell and just who will end up where...the answer may surprise you.  This book is changing the way I think about and live out my faith.

I'm also reading The Love Dare...only about 10 years after the rest of the world. I watched the movie Fireproof for the first time this summer and was convicted to buy the book.  Not that my marriage is on its last legs, but any marriage can probably benefit from doing the exercises in The Love Dare.

I am watching...my favorite summer show, America's Got Talent.  I just love that it has become such a positive showcase for those who are truly talented and inspiring.  I'm also watching Alaskan Bush People on Discovery and a lot of movies On Demand.

I am hoping...that I have stumbled on the cause of all my husband's vague and various health issues.  Over the last few years he has been tested for so many, many things and all we've found out is what he doesn't have.  He feels so awful that he rarely feels up to doing anything, though he pushes himself to not only work, but work long hours.  He has many aches and pains that never let up and sometimes get worse.  It has made him rather grumpy and miserable.  Our lives have been in a holding pattern.

To make a long story short, I found some information online about hyperparathyroid.  The parathyroid is behind the thyroid and most doctors don't even know much about it.  When I compared the long list of possible symptoms to those my husband has...he has nearly all of them!

We see his doctor this coming Tuesday and we will be armed with printouts of all the information I found.

I am learning...to be patient with people (even in thought), to be intentionally kind, and to think less of myself and more of others.

In my kitchen...you won't find junk food or very much that is processed.  My doctor prescribed a diet pill to try and help me jump start my metabolism.  It has two components, a stimulant to speed things up and an appetite suppressant.  It is working like a charm.  I lost 12 pounds last month.  I have a check-in with the doctor next week to see how I did this month.  Most days I only feel the need to eat two meals and I eat a lot less before feeling full.  I rarely, if ever, snack.  To go along with this I've been changing the way I eat as well.  Meals are heavy on vegetables and proteins.

In my garden...things are going very well!  My husband built two raised beds for me this year and the plants certainly like their home.  Everything is flourishing and my hubby plans to add two more beds next year!  So far we have picked zucchini, squash, cucumbers, green beans and onions.  The peppers, tomatoes, watermelons and cantaloupe will be coming in soon.

Postscript...Here is the link to the best source of information I've found about the parathyroid in case anyone wants more information.  If you have a wide range of vague symptoms that doctors are struggling to identify the cause of it's worth checking it out.

Shared Quote...

A moment from my day...I'm cheating and adding this after the fact.  The Poodle is groomed.  These are her before and after shots...she does not like to pose so they aren't the best.

Closing Notes...My gut reaction to O.J. Simpson's parole yesterday was, if not outrage, then disappointment.  This morning as I watch the news and it is talked about over and over, I find that I've changed my mind.  I do, without a doubt, believe he killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, but he was tried and found not guilty of that crime.  That's how our system works.  As for the armed robbery he is currently in jail for...he has served the time and is eligible for parole just like anyone else.  As much as we may wish it were different, we can't deny his parole based on feelings about the murder trial. That said, I wouldn't want him to move in next door to me.  What are your feelings on the whole mess?


  1. Ahhh - baby poodle... I love a good before/after pic ;)
    Yep. Siting with a book, a drink & my dog? Nothing like it

  2. I can hardly wait to see wedding pictures ... love Mason jars and burlap!

    That book (Driven by Eternity) sounds intriguing. Never hurts to cram for our finals, does it? :)

    The poodle's expression in it's 'after' shot is adorable, Stacy!

    The whole O.J. thing makes me sick. Some days, I hate the facts (that compromise our system of law and order). Prayers for the Goldman family.

  3. I'm not sure what we're going to end up with. The bride has caviar dreams, but a beer budget. LOL

    The poodle's expression is more or less, "Get that camera out of my face."

    I can agree. Our system is good when it works for justice, but not so hot when it benefits the criminal over the victim.

  4. Your pup is adorable before and after. Mine doesn't like to pose either.

    Hope the docs will be able to take care of your husband and that your information will really help.

    A swing, book, cold drink and dogs sounds wonderful!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you, I'm kind of partial to my little diva.

  5. I agree with you that he killed Nicole and Ron. I sure don't want him living in my town however, even it he has served his time. Your little Diva looks fabulous!


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