July 20, 2017

Blessed in Abundance, Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday and that means it's time to link up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand to show our Creator a little gratitude for the blessings He pours out, both great and small.

This week I am thankful....

* that my husband did not have a heart attack and an overnight hospital stay and many tests showed his heart is just fine and very strong.

* that my daughter is at home and handling things fairly well.

* that a comment by hubby's sister to check on his thyroid (problems run in his family) stirred my memory that while he's been checked for that and no problem was found, our doctor did mention his parathyroid a couple of years ago.  I did some digging online and found a lot of information and a list of the symptoms for hyperparathyroid and it's like they know my hubby.  He has all but a couple of the symptoms.  It's often missed or diagnosed as something else because the symptoms are so vague and could be caused by a lot of things, but since he has so many I am feeling very hopeful that this might be our answer and from the sound of things it's easily fixed with an outpatient procedure that takes about 20 minutes! Please pray this is it!

* that we are beginning to enjoy the "fruits" of the garden.  So far just cucumbers, onions, zucchini and squash, but the beans are just about ready, I saw a few baby peppers yesterday, the watermelon vine is full of ping pong ball sized melons, and the tomatoes are loaded with greenies.

* the poodle is getting her hair done tomorrow.  Long overdue.  The poor thing looks like a black dust mop and I cringe to think what may be hiding out in all that wool since she is not a girly-girl and loves to snoop and get into things.

* my step-dad continues to heal from his week in the hospital.  He is walking and gaining strength daily.

* for my first-ever real hug from our youngest grandson.  It may have been his first real hug to give.  Nothing better in the world!

* I finally got a full unemployment check.  It's been so messed up since they made all the staff cuts.  I am not the only one in this boat and you can't get a live person to talk to.  I'm about ready to concede that I'm just going to be out 2 of the weeks I am due.  Such a rip-off!  Happy, though, to have that check this week to pay a few bills and order our daughter's wedding invitations. (It's getting so close!!!)

* our 23 year old central air conditioner keeps chugging away.  One of these years (probably much sooner than later) we are going to have to replace it.  The last time we had it fixed they told us it would need replaced the next time.  That was probably close to 10 years ago so we are living on borrowed time here. The dogs and I sure appreciate it now that the temperatures are hitting the 90s in the afternoons.

* for my God who blesses me abundantly over and over even when I don't deserve it....especially when I don't deserve it.

* for all of you.  Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Ahhh - a real hug. that's precious.
    So glad your hubby & daughter are doing better.
    So I am LOVING your veggie set up. I had a garden ONCE & it was enough. I am allergic to grass so being in it to weed it & keep it up, I was an itchy mess teh entire summer. I like these that are off the ground & easier to maintain in smaller areas.

  2. The hug caught me off guard. I had picked him up and he was twisted around looking at the dogs and all of a sudden he just turned and threw his little arms around my neck and squeezed. Instant heart melt!

    I wanted the raised beds because I HATE weeding and it hurts my back. Happy to say the weeds have been very minimal.

  3. So sweet...a real hug. Haven't got that yet, because we go to long in between seeing each other. Hoping after Monday's visit I can video chat with him a lot. He seems to remember me on the video right now. I hope. :)

    Our pup needs grooming too. Hubby says she looks almost like a sheep dog right now. lol Hope you'll post a picture for us after grooming.

    Glad your hubby did not have a heart attack.

    1. Oh, I am sure you will get a hug soon! Our Colton seems to have made a giant jump in development all of a sudden. Exciting when they do that, but just a tiny bit sad, too, as each day brings them one step closer to wanting to be independent and out of your arms.

      I will try to remember to snap before and after shots tomorrow.

      Me, too, because it really caught us off guard. We weren't even thinking about his heart when they decided to run an EKG and then told us it wasn't normal. Sheesh!

  4. Abundant blessings, indeed! Your garden is practically exploding from the last time I recall seeing pictures; they're in a happy place!

    We had to replace our HVAC unit nearly two years ago ... and it was but 10 y/o. Swear, these are the days of planned obsolescence.

  5. Blessings to you too!! I'm late catching up on blogs but I am here!


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