July 6, 2017

Porch Swings, Bridesmaids & Old, Deaf Dogs

It's a rainy Thursday afternoon here in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania, but I'll count it as blessing....it's keeping the temperature at about 78 and I won't have to water the garden tonight!  That's two things I'm thankful for already so, I'd better tell you I'm signing up and joining in with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand for Thankful Thursday.

This week I am thankful...
  • to have my "real" swing up on the deck. Last year we bought one of those metal swings from Walmart (the ones with the canopy over them) thinking it would be better since the deck is not under cover except for being under the thick shade of the Toby tree.  The one we picked was a 2-seater.  The seats and backs were made of a sort of webbing printed in camo.  In between the two seats there was a little tray with two cup holders that could be turned in any direction and a mesh storage bag with three sections that hangs below that.  It was pretty sweet...except that it wasn't that comfortable to sit on.  The other day I had the idea to ask my hubby if the bent hickory swing he bought me several years ago would fit on the frame.  The hickory swing's just been hanging out unused in another outdoor space we no longer use except for storage.  Anyway, he switched them out yesterday and I am soooo happy!
  • that our poor old hound, Elvis, either doesn't hear so well any longer or that his elevator just isn't going all the way to the penthouse because we made it through the whole week of July 4th celebrations and fireworks going off nearly every night without so much as a single tremble.  In the past my boy has been terrified of the booms.  While I hate to see him getting older, I'm glad he's not bothered by them now.
  • that my daughter found a way to gently replace one bridesmaid/cousin with another bridesmaid/cousin to plan the bridal shower.  The one who had been in charge had done nothing in the six months since she'd taken it on. We were all beginning to get more than a little frustrated.  The niece who is now in charge lives 1000 miles away and has done more in two days than the other did in months!  I am so incredibly thrilled....I was getting at least 50 calls a day from my daughter freaking out about something.  Now we can all just stop and breathe for a moment and the niece who has been replaced can relax.  I think it was just a case of taking on too much and she's got a lot of other things going on right now.
  • for the things God teaches me about myself and the things I need to work on or change.  It's good that he is patient because sometimes I am a slow learner!
  • for decent health insurance that allows me to keep going for all the tests my doctor orders.  Today it was x-rays of my neck and back.  I sprained my neck coughing back in the winter.  It still bothers me sometimes and there are some things I just can't do (like carry our grandson for more than a minute or so) or I end up in a world of hurt.  It's centered sort of where the neck, shoulder and upper back come together and the worst of the pain seems to radiate into my upper/middle back.  My doctor gave me muscle relaxers and they seem to help, but he wants to be sure there is nothing going on with the discs.
  • for sweet summer cherries....even if you do practically need a loan to pay for them. 
  • for a super quiet, peaceful week.  Our son and his family are at Virginia Beach, our daughter and her family are at Niagara Falls, Mom and John are up on the ridge for the summer and fall, most of my friends are on vacation this week, and my hubby's working long hours this week.  I can pretty much do as I like with no interruptions.
That's it for this week.  I've got to get this posted and then get all the addresses sent to my niece so she can mail the shower invitations.  You have a blessed Friday if I don't catch up with you and remember one of the things I'm most thankful for is Y-O-U!


  1. Yes, thank goodness for insurance. Hope you are feeling better soon. Enjoy your relaxed werk and that swing!

  2. Thank you. I am hoping it is just in the muscles and no disc involvement.

  3. We bought cherries last weekend and they were gone in two days. SO good! I sure hope your back isn't anything too serious. Let us know what the MRI shows, please!

    1. Cherries are one of my favorites...though I do wish they'd let them ripen to nearly black on the trees (I know that's not practical for shipping). They are so much better that way. I will update but probably won't know until the end of the month. Hopefully there's no problem with the discs and it will eventually heal.

  4. PREACH on the cherries. I just bought some & it was nearly $9.00... but they are so delicious!!!
    & PREACH on the health insurance. It's SUCH a blessing to have good insurance...coming from the girl who DOESNT have good insurance. I know.

    1. Trust me, I am THANKFUL for insurance because there were a lot of years in our marriage and when the kids were little that we didn't have any at all.


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