July 24, 2017

Heroes, Sleepovers & Books

Mornin'.  The view out my window this morning is pretty gray and still damp from all of last night's rain, but I don't mind. Nope, not at all, because for the first time in a week it is blessedly cool out there.  No horrible heat.  No brain-melting humidity.

We had a pretty quiet weekend around here.  It started off with my husband staying up until after 10:00 on Friday.  He NEVER stays up that late these days.  Partly because of his work schedule. Partly because of the way he usually feels.  So it was nice to have his company for a while.  We got even more company when our daughter called around 9:30 asking if she and the baby could spend the night.  Her fiancee worked an extra shift and she didn't want to be alone (the depression and all).  So the day ended with a sleepover in Nanny and Pappy's living room.

My hubby worked Saturday and our daughter and the baby packed up and went home by 7:30 so the house cleared out and I had the day to take care of some chores...laundry, vacuuming, dusting, dishes...the glamorous stuff.

I finally went through all the books on my bookshelves and (inspite of the emotional pain it caused) I created a big pile of books to part with.  My son is going to take a lot of them.  I'm going to show the rest to my mom.  What's left after that will go to St. Vincent de Paul or the Salvation Army.

Around 3:00 my daughter and the baby were back to pick me up and go look at the hall where the wedding shower will be next month.  We hadn't seen it before and the bridesmaid who is putting the shower together wanted to know what she'd have to work with. (She's in Alabama and driving up just for the shower!)

It turned out that the woman who showed us the hall was the grandmother of the state trooper who was killed in a traffic accident last week.  He was only 26 and it was such a sad thing.  Our whole town was shut down for his funeral and people lined the streets holding up signs and waving flags during the procession to the cemetery.  There were so many police officers from all across the state and from all over the country that it took over half an hour for the procession to go by (I was stopped at a traffic light just as it got started).

Saturday would have been the young man's 27th birthday, so Grandma was having a hard time.  It was an honor to offer our condolences and hear some of her memories.

My husband got hooked on a marathon of the Showtime series Ray Donovan and stayed up late watching that.  It really wasn't my cup of tea....too dark, violent, crude, and well....just no redeeming qualities.  I really thought it was horrible.  If it's one you like.....sorry.

Sunday found us sleeping in, doing a little grocery shopping, and not a whole lot of anything else.  I did however start the newest Janet Evanovich book, Dangerous Minds, which is the second book in the Knight & Moon series.  As usual, Evanovich is wickedly funny.

And the weekend closed with another sleepover.  This time because our grandson wasn't feeling well and Mom was worried he'd need to go to the ER in the night because of his fever (Dad was working so Mom had no car).  Happy to report that the fever seems to have come down a little and while he has a lot of congestion, he seems to be in a good mood and feeling...okay.  Daddy picked them up when he got off work so it's just me and the dogs for the day.

Our daughter sees her doctor this afternoon.  She is hoping her fiancee goes with her.  She wants the doctor to talk with him about depression.  It seems he might be less than understanding or supportive about it....listening to his mom, who thinks it's not real.  Keep them in prayer, if you would, please?  She confided they've been fighting a lot recently and the wedding is less than 2 months away.  Baby or not, I'd rather see her call it off than go through with it if there's any doubt.

Happy Monday, friends!  May your week be blessed.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your daughter and her fiance are having some problems about depression. My baby sister is on meds for depression. It IS real and does require understanding. Perhaps his mom needs a lesson too. Sigh. Hope it works out for them.

    1. Thank you. I guess the talk with the doctor went well, but whether or not it got through... I'm sure his mom needs a lesson, not only on depression but a lot of things. She is a real piece of work and a pretty miserable human being. I think she probably has some depression and I know she drinks a lot and my daughter has the "luck" of being involved with the woman's baby boy, her favorite child.

  2. Absolutely, I'll be holding your daughter (and you!) in my prayer consciousness! My granddaughter recently experienceD a similar situation. While Sarah made the decision to walk away, I hope lil' Colton will be key in his parent's 'happily ever after.'

    1. Thank you. Prayer is always welcome. I hope things improve for them, but fear it will never get much better as long as my daughter's future mother-in-law is in the picture.


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