July 25, 2017

Currently, I am...

I was fresh out of blogging ideas today, so I borrowed this from another.


I am...

Reading: Dangerous Minds, by Janet Evanovich

Watching: the laptop screen

Listening to: the local news on TV

Wanting: relief from back pain

Needing: a blanket...it's chilly this morning.

Loving: the cooler temperatures

Thinking: about keeping our grandson for 2 days this weekend.

Feeling: a little tired

Celebrating: our daughter's birthday

Grateful for: finding some of the light strings our daughter wants for the wedding reception on sale at rock bottom clearance prices yesterday.

A quote I want to share


  1. Feeling chilling sounds wonderful right about now!
    ...Not to make light of your discomfort, Stacy. I just believe trying to get WARM trumps trying to COOL DOWN any day of the week!)

    PS - Just shared this quote on my FB page (myramcglothinguca).

    1. Oh, I will take chilly over hot any day of the week! I wasn't complaining about it, just stating a fact. LOL It's down in the 50s again this morning,though I believe we're to get back up to about 80 today.


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