June 13, 2017

Tuesday Takes

Life is slipping into a summer groove here....or maybe it's just melting into it, since we've done it again. Skipped from wet and chilly straight to sweltering. What the heck?!  When did June with its mild and comfortable weather become obsolete?


Sunday found us working out in the yard in spite of the heat.  The hubby got a load of mulch and we finally got the raised garden beds and other areas covered.  It's a good thing, too, as the garden was beginning to bake.  It looks pretty good now...just a little behind because of the late planting due to cold, wet weather.

This raised bed contains tomatoes (Better Boy and Golden
Jubilee), bush beans, zucchini, squash,
cucumbers, and watermelon.

This bed has more tomatoes (Better Boy, Golden Jubilee,
Chocolate Cherry, yellow pear), several kinds of
sweet peppers (green, red, yellow, banana), more
zucchini and cukes, more beans, onions, sweet basil,
purple basil, rosemary, and cantaloupe.

My little shade garden by the deck.

I just love "Billy" the goat. I got him on clearance at
the farm supply store last year.  Putting the fairy garden
in an old suitcase was my hubby's idea after
seeing something similar in a magazine.

Love the striking color of this Petunia.

Yesterday life was all about "The Wedding."  Our daughter and I went to the rental place and put down half on the tent, tables, chairs and dance floor for her wedding in September.  

Then we met with my friend who is going to do all the florals for us.  She got us organized and thinking about stuff and we now have a decorating plan not just a bunch of random ideas. She is also really good at getting our daughter to think reasonably about cost....whereas, when I bring up that particular topic I get Bridezilla in return.

A little over 3 months to go.  I might live through it.  LOL

Today I am looking forward to a quiet day at home and tonight going to Bible study...I've missed the last two weeks!  Tomorrow it's back to wedding planning.

Have a blessed day, my friends!


  1. Your gardens look so pretty. Hope you will get a lot of produce from them. Love the Billy goat too. So cute.

  2. Ah...wedding plans. Bless you!! Well, I LOVE your raised garden beds and the goat beside your faerie garden is adorable!! Thanks for sharing. Lovely.


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