June 20, 2017

Father's Day, Road Trips, Wedding Decorations....

Good morning! God has created another perfect summer morning here in the mountains of southwestern Pennsylvania.  The humidity is low and the temperature is mild.  You have to love that!

I had planned to catch up with you all yesterday, but my husband called from work before 8:00.  He forgot his cell phone and really needed it.  That meant an unplanned road trip for me since he works about 1.5-2 hours from home.  I called up my friend, Fran, and asked her to ride along and keep me company.  We got the phone delivered and then went on to lunch at an amazing Chinese buffet and browsing at Jo-Ann Fabric Store and Pat Cataan's for ideas for my daughter's wedding.  Fran is one seriously gifted and crafty lady and she is doing all the florals for us as a gift.

We found a few sample flowers to show my daughter and at Pat Cataan's I found canning jars in several tints and solid painted colors for only $1 each.  We lined them all up on the shelf, took a picture and sent it off to my daughter to see if any of them suited her.  She chose white so I snapped them up.

For wedding favors, my daughter had the idea of putting packets of sunflower seeds (her wedding flower) on popsicle sticks and "planting" them in something with a sign that reads "Pick one and watch love bloom."  I found a really cute planter that looks like a shovel when you put the stakes in the ground and it has three pots attached.  I think we can put the flower seeds in the pots and decorate the planters and hang the sign on it.

It wasn't a planned day, but we had a fun time and it was a nice escape.  I was just worn out by the time I got home and had no oomph left to write.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed your Father's Day celebrations. Our son and his family weren't able to come home after all because our granddaughter got Hand, Foot & Mouth "disease."  I don't think it's terrible for her, but it is contagious so they don't want to spread it around.  They are supposed to come home this coming weekend instead.

We still had a lovely day.  We cooked out and picnicked with my mom and stepdad, my mom's BFF (who was in town for the day), and our daughter and her family were here for part of the day before heading out to celebrate with her fiancee's family.  It was awfully hot and humid, but we were fairly comfortable under the generous shade of Mom's massive Toby tree.

In other news, it appears our daughter might finally be on the mend.  I believe I shared last week that she'd been diagnosed with a pretty bad urinary tract infection and put on antibiotics.  Well, she didn't get any better after that.  In fact, she was back at the ER Friday night because of sharp, stabbing pains in her back.

MedExpress called Sunday during our picnic and told her they got the results of the lab work on her urine sample back.  It turns out she had a severe infection and they had to change her antibiotic because what she was on wouldn't do anything against it.  They told her it was very important to get her on the new medicine right away because the type of infection she has is prone to moving into the upper urinary tract and affecting the kidneys.  They told her if she felt any sharp pains in her back that's what it would be.  She told them she already had that so it's a good thing they called even on Father's Day!

Today I am hoping to stay home and be a hermit until I leave to go to Bible study tonight.  Well, maybe not a hermit, but I don't want to go anywhere and I have plenty of chores and homework for Bible study to get done.

You all have a blessed day!


  1. Sounds like your impromptu day was very nice. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

    1. She does finally seem to be improving with this new antibiotic. Thank God!

  2. I think that sounds like the cutest little wedding favors.

    Oh man, I had a UTI last year & it wouldnt go away for anything. I didnt realize how miserable & painful they could be. Glad your girl in on the mend.

    Enjoy Bible study tonight!!!!

    1. It really is a cute idea...not that I'm prejudice or anything with sunflowers being my favorite flowers, too.

      Bible study was great...as it usually is. We're going through the book "Driven by Eternity" by John Bevere. It's excellent.

  3. Love that sunflower seeds' wedding favor ... but for the life of me, I can't visualize it. (Looking forward to pix from the Big Event!)

    1. Only (YIKES!!!!) 3 more months to wait for the big event.

      **cue the panic**


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