May 22, 2017

Weekend Wrap

I was going to say "Good morning!" but then a friend called and we had some serious chatting to do (you know how it goes) and now it's after noon.  Time sure is flying right now.  This is the last week of school and my work schedule is crazy to say the least.  I just keep reminding myself that after today....ONLY 4 MORE DAYS!!!

It was a quiet weekend around here.  I spent Saturday catching up on some chores and then we kept our youngest grandson overnight.  It was his first time staying here.  The poor little guy has a cold and was feeling pretty miserable, but he is blessed with such a sweet disposition.  He was maybe not as smiley as usual, but still pleasant with no crying and crankiness even though he had good reason.

Sunday morning was just a time of hanging out with our little guy until his momma and daddy came to get him.  Once they'd gone home we got one load of topsoil toward filling the raised beds and I bought quite a few garden plants. We're going to need at least another load (maybe 2) to finish filling both beds. I'm going to need a lot more plants, too, but need to try another venue.  I like the plants at Lowe's and have had success with them in the past, but there didn't seem to be a lot of variety this year.  Guess I will have to bite the bullet and go to the local nursery where I know they will have a lot, but the prices are higher.

Puppy sitting is still not the most fun thing.  She spent most of the time the baby was here either in her crate or outside because she kept trying to chew on the baby.  Now she is spending more time in the crate than I feel good about, but I'm at my wits' end.  I can't imagine how one little dog can cause so much destruction or how she can possibly pee that much!

Here's the little terror trying to look innocent:

I am off to take dogs out and then it's back to work.  Have a wonderful week...I will try to catch up if I can.  If not, I'll see you Saturday!


  1. haha - poor baby... at least its safer for everyone in that kennel ;)

  2. The pup doesn't look too pitiful in the crate. I would say she is comfortable and probably knows why she is in jail.


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