May 14, 2017

Sunday Stealing: The Getting to Know You Questions

This from Bud:

We found this gem from a blogger called Adrienne J. from Definitely Not Technical Writing. She said that she swiped the meme via her husband and his sister. But, it was probably stolen at that blog as well. We are not sure whether Adrienne is the one who married Rocky. Who the hell knows? We loved our Chicago trip last weekend. We are sorry we did not hook up with our Chicago blogger friends, but we tried. My Yanks swept your Cubbies. Next time meet me to get a chance at a win. Enough of this crap. We think you'll like today's questions. At least some. Maybe one. Please "like" us on Facebook!

Cheers to all us thieves!

 Sunday Stealing: The Getting to Know You Questions

1. What is your occupation right now? How long have you been there?  

I drive a school bus.  I've been doing it for 14 years, 11 of those in the school district where I am now. There are only 10 days left in this school year and I can't wait till it's over...the kids get pretty crazy this time of year.

2. Favorite rock band. Ever.

Wow....ever?  That's a tough one.  I guess maybe Lynyrd Skynyrd.

3. What are you listening to right now?

My favorite goofy reality show, Mountain Monsters, on Destination America.  It is so over the top and unbelievable that it's hilarious.

4. Last person you spoke to on the phone. What was it about?

My daughter called to ask me to drive her to Med Express for back pain.

5. How old are you today? Or make up a question. This one bites.

Older than I was yesterday.

6. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?

Football.  Specifically, Steeler football.

7. What is your favorite drink?

Diet Coke with lime.

8. Have you ever dyed your hair?

Have I ever dyed my hair?  Ha!  Next question.

9. Favorite food?

Anything with shrimp.  I'm kind of like Bubba in Forest Gump when it comes to shrimp.

10. What is the last movie you watched?

Some action movie my husband had on last night.

11. Favorite day of the year?

Thanksgiving.  I like that it is about spending time with family, being grateful for the blessings in life, and all the craziness of the Christmas season hasn't started yet.  

12. How do you vent anger?

Once in a while I snap and yell just like anyone, but mostly I write it out in my journal and spend time praying.  I also tend to do a lot of cleaning when I'm angry.

13. What was your favorite toy as a child?

Inside it was my Barbies.  Outdoors it was my bike.

14. Living arrangements? (Of course your pets count. Geez!)

15. What was the last thing that you cried about?

I don't know.  I don't cry all that often so I just don't remember.

16. Who is the friend you have had the longest?

My friend and neighbor, Dana.  We've been friends since high school.

17. What did you do last night?

Went to bed early.

18. What are you most afraid of?

What life will be like when I am old.  What kind of health will I be in?  Will I be alone?  How will I live?

19. In how many areas of your country have you lived? What's your favorite?

Except for two years right after we got married, I've always lived in western Pennsylvania.  I like it here well enough, but as I get older I like the cold winters less and less.

20. What is your favorite flower? (Ugh. Quite the note to go out on. But hell, we steal the questions. I guess you get what you pay for.)

I guess if I have to choose just one I'd say Sunflowers, but Zinnias, wildflowers, Brown-eyed Susans, and roses are up there, too.

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  1. When I retire, I'm hoping to move to Pennsylvania-Virginia region to be closer to my sisters (one in each state). I think the winters will be milder than Northern Maine.

    1. Think Virginia for the milder winters. The last couple of years even the eastern half of PA has seen a good bit of snow. In fact, they beat us over here in the mountains this year!

  2. Loved your thoughtful answers, especially 12 and 18, and that cardboard box pic was just insanely funny. 😁

    1. Thanks, Zippi! The cardboard house cracked me up, too. :)

  3. These images and quote boxes have me in stitches. (Yes, even this former Cowboys fan giggled at the mention of Steelers' rings. Bradshaw and Staubach. Those were the days.)

    This time tomorrow, only 9 days. Woo-hoo!

    1. Oh yeah...Bradshaw and Staubach...those were the days!

      9 days...I.Can't.Wait.

  4. It is my understanding that women worry more about old age and their circumstances then men. I suspect it has to do with the economic differences (which do exist) between the sexes.

    1. I agree completely! Men are usually the major income contributors...take them out of the picture and things don't look as bright for we females. I think they say that applies to divorce as well. The female's standard of living tends to go down while the male's goes up. :/

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