May 20, 2017

Saturday 9: Either/Or

Saturday 9: Him or Me -- What's It Gonna Be? (1967)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) In this song, a man pleads with his girlfriend to make up her mind. Do you consider yourself decisive?

Most of the time I have no problem making decisions, but there are those times when all I want to do is pawn it off on someone else.

Since this song is all about either/or, we're using that as our theme this Saturday ...

2) Choose a condiment: Catsup or mustard?

I choose Heinz Ketchup (it's a Pittsburgh thing).

3) Choose a sci-fi series: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars, but just the first 4.  I quit watching after that.

4) Choose your spy: James Bond or Jason Bourne?

Bond.  James Bond.  Not even a contest.

5) Choose your winter
 sport: Football or hockey?

Football...though a certain hockey team from Pittsburgh is doing alright.

6) Choose your breakfas
t: Pancakes or waffles?

Waffles....all those little pockets to hold the butter and syrup.

7) Choose your side: French fries or potato chips?

It totally depends on what kind of fries and how well they are cooked.  I'm very picky about fries.  And of course, if the potato chips are of the homemade variety they always win.

8) Choose your chore: Washing dishes or doing laundry?

Dishes.  I loathe doing least the folding it and putting it away part.

9) Choose your nextdoor neighbors: Munsters or Addams Family?

Totally the Addams Family.  The Munsters were just like everyone else...except for the whole being monsters thing.  The Addams Family, now there's some interesting neighbors!

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  1. You perfectly summed up the timeless appeal of waffles. Brava!

  2. Yes, not even a contest. lol
    About fries: I had a deep fat fryer, and made fries at least three times a month when the kids were at home. Incredibly fresh way to go! Also, they made their own malts and Mr. Z grilled the burgers. We thought it was more fun than McDonald's.

  3. That would be my ketchup of choice if I were to have to choose.

  4. Great shot of all the Bonds!
    Don't think I've ever had homemade potato chips, but they sound yummy.

    Happy Saturday!
    ~ Joy @ joysweb

  5. We eat only Heinz Ketchup in our house, too. Anything else is just blah.


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