May 30, 2017

Let the Summer Vacation Begin!

Good morning and welcome to the first "official" day of my summer vacation! Yes, I know I've been done since noon on Friday, but the weekend didn't count since I'd be off anyway.  Same deal for Memorial Day.

First off, I came down with a, literally, the minute I walked in the house on Friday.  Welcome to summer, here's your prize.  Boom!  Anyway, I spent Saturday being miserable and not doing anything.  My big accomplishment was to finally watch Mama Mia!  Nothing like coming to the party 10 years late.  Loved it!  The musical numbers were fun and oh, my, stars.....that gorgeous Greek scenery!

Sunday was not much better as far as the cold went.  I still didn't feel like doing much.  And quite frankly, I didn't.  Tim was home and got a load of topsoil to fill the second raised garden bed in the morning.  Our daughter and her family showed up at noon with steaks and cooked them on the grill.  (We had cancelled plans for a big family cookout because the weather forecast was so crappy.) Everyone, but our daughter's fiancee napped after that.  Okay, we didn't nap...we just watched TV with our eyes closed.  You know how that goes.

When the van Winkle family woke up, our daughter and her crew took off to cookout with her future in-laws.  Tim and I went to Home Depot for more garden plants and flowers for the planters on the deck.  We did get them, but we also got stuck in a huge rain storm.

The most important thing about Sunday is that it was THE DAY THE PUPPY WENT HOME!  We came home from Home Depot to find that Mom and my stepdad had arrived home and taken the puppy.  It's funny, when I walked up to their house to say hello, the puppy wouldn't leave me alone.  I am her new favorite person in the universe.

Oh, Mom "paid" me for keeping the puppy.  She said she figured I needed it after two weeks with her.

Tim had to work for a few hours yesterday morning.  I tried to work in the garden and flower beds, but it was way too muddy.  My chore boots had about five pounds of mud clumped on them before I called it quits.

When Tim got home we took a drive up into the mountains and just enjoyed the beautiful day, stopped at a few shops to poke around, and had a late lunch at a little log restaurant.  It was a nice break and when we got back it was dry enough to plant the garden plants.

So, that was our weekend...nothing too exciting, but it was a nice relaxing time. I'm still coughing today, but I already have an appointment with the doctor for my CDL physical so maybe he'll take a look at that, too.  Tomorrow we are off to the hospital for Tim's procedure to have the bladder stone removed.  

For now, I guess I should get moving and get something done.  Have a blessed day!


  1. Other than your cold and the rain, it sounds like the perfect weekend. Love those laid-back kind of days.

    1. The older I get, the more I appreciate those kind of days.

  2. Sure am sorry to read about your cold, but seems like you are shaking it. Congrats on having 'the summer' off!! I can't wait for July 31...and then August 1st!! Whoohoo! We sure did enjoy our time in your beautiful PA!!

    1. Come on July 31! How'll be on permanent summer vacation.

  3. HAHA - that really is the best kind of payment after a little nerve-y kind of babysitting ;)
    Stupid summer colds. My sinuses have been all a mess with allergies so I feel your pain.
    & I'm totally 10000% jealous of your summer vacay - enjoy it for the both of us!

    1. I'm loving the payment...can't wait to be over this cold so I can try it out. Yeah, I think allergies are actually adding to the cold.
      I will enjoy the heck out of the time off!


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