April 28, 2017

A Little of This, A Little of That

Hey all, a little bit of this and a little bit of that today must mean it's time for some Friday Tidbits.

* It's a beautiful day here, but just a little chilly when the breeze blows...and it's pretty breezy today.  It's good to see the sunshine, though.  We don't get nearly enough of that around here.  I had hoped to work in my flower beds a little bit and get the deck cleaned off and everything washed (those pesky birds have been sitting in the tree that shades the deck and "unloading" on everything), but I hear it's going to rain all weekend.  Boo!

* Our grandson, Colton, was seen by Children's Hospital yesterday.  He has a big lump on his head from when he was born and now he tends to favor one side.  There was a bit of concern that maybe he'd need to wear a helmet to shape his head.  Children's says he is just fine and doesn't need a helmet. Thank you, Lord!  His lump is there to stay, however.  It has hardened, but will become less noticeable as he grows and once he gets some hair.

* I don't know what to do tomorrow.  There is an auction, a sale at a local monastery, an estate sale, and a community flea market.  I guess I could stay home and catch up on laundry and cleaning...and save money.  But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that at the very least, I'm going to hit up the sale at the monastery because they sell a lot of books.

* One lesson I've learned this year is to be careful what you pray for and make sure you really know what you are praying for and what you might be in for.  I have been studying faith and my prayer for the year has been to teach me to have the kind of faith seen in Hebrews 11, the faith hall of fame.  In response, I have felt that God promised this would be a year of "great faith."  Nice.  I was thinking He's going to show me what He can really do.  Instead, it is turning out to be about testing and growing my faith...and also that of other Christians I know.  

Just in the small bible study I attend we've had one of our leaders dealing with open-heart surgery (that the problem was found was a miracle and he should have been dead!) and recovery right as his retirement took affect; another member was wrongly accused of something at work and put through hell (she was found innocent, but had to quit her job and there had been a danger of her losing her nursing license); another member just found out a close family member has stage 4 cancer; and now there is the health business with my husband.

* My aunt's husband passed away this week.  He had taken a fall a couple of weeks ago and ended up in the hospital.  She had just brought him home under hospice care.  I think he only lasted a day, maybe two?  He was her second husband and much older.  I don't know what she was thinking...he was a miserable man and I think that made her more like him over the years.  I hope her spirit will get lighter now.

* Wedding plans continue to move along even though I have a bit of worry when it comes to paying for it all since things are a bit up in the air concerning my husband's health.  Y'all need to keep praying for him, please.  We just don't have any answers and likely won't until he goes in to have the bladder stone removed May 31.

* Mom asked me to keep her dog while they go to Florida in May.  Of course, I said I would.  They are going to the cancer center her husband went to in Jacksonville for his annual check-up.  I'm guessing they will stop to see my aunt since her husband died (they were going to avoid going before).  Anyway, watching the dog should be....interesting.  Lacey's only 3 months old and not housebroke.  She stays in her crate when you go away, but sleeps in the bed with my mom.  My husband sleeps on the couch most nights anyway, so she shouldn't bother him in the bed.  It's me I'm worried about because my Poodle sleeps with me and she is NOT a fan of the puppy.  Not at all.

* Only 19 more days of school!

And now that I've brought it up, I need to wrap this up and scoot back to work. You all have a blessed and wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you do!


  1. Oh my...keep us posted on the puppy sitting!!

    Sorry for the sadness and stress. You are counting the days to the end of school and I'm counting the day to retirement!! 94!

    1. Mom told me last night that they are going to try to get the puppy used to sleeping in the crate at night before they go so I won't have to deal with that. I hope they are successful. The little stinker is also in that chewing/biting phase. I refer to her as a rolling ball of teeth.

  2. So glad all is ok with your grandson. Praying for your husband.

  3. My boss' grandson had to wear a helmet for nearly a year. Even tho' graphic arts companies are decorating them so beautifully, I'm happy your Colton doesn't need one!

    Facing the pup's upcoming visit, I wonder if a bit of baby Benadril wouldn't quiet her down? Caraleigh used to get so stressed over the slightest thing; and our vet said it was perfectly fine once in a while.

  4. Thanks for the advice. I will be stocking up on Benadril...and not mentioning it to Mom!


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