March 16, 2017

The Week with 2 Mondays (Well, it feels like a second Monday after 2 days off in the middle of the week.)

Hello and happy Thankful Thursday!  I just love getting together once a week to share all the things we are grateful for.  It always lifts whatever weight might be on my heart or back.  I hope it does the same for you.  Please visit Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand to find others who are sharing or to share your own post.

This week I am thankful...

* for two back to back snow days.  Snow days meant someone made the decision to put safety first this time.  It is always a relief not to be responsible for the safety of the children of others when the buses are out in bad weather.

* that yesterday's 2-hour delay turned into a cancellation because that enabled me to keep my appointment at the doctor's.

* that the winter storm wasn't nearly as bad as the weather forecasters had been predicting for days before hand.

* that we are having dinner at my mom's tomorrow to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  Corned beef, potatoes, and cabbage.  YUM!

* that my husband came home a little early on Saturday just so he could take me to an auction he knew I wanted to go to....and he didn't even complain when it was so crowded he could only find a seat for me and had to stand the whole time.

* for the brave little daffodils that are still peeking up above the snow.

* for the wealth of entertainment we have at our fingertips...books, movies, TV, radios, computers, etc.

* for power that never went out.

* for crusty wood-fired artisan bread and pretzels picked up from a little shop near work.  Garlic-parmesan toast is the bomb!

* for a work week with 2 Mondays and a Friday.....I could get used to this!

* for a God who is patient with me and is teaching me to be patient, gracious, and merciful like Him.

* 3 precious months with this handsome boy.

* for all of you who bless my life just by being YOU!


  1. How is he already 3 months old?!?!?!? That really threw me for a loop.
    Yes - brave daffodils. I love how you called them that.
    Ahhh - that's the best expression of love when husbands do things like that... especially without complaining! ;)

    1. I don't know!!! The time is flying by.
      Yes, especially without the complaining! ;)

  2. He is adorable. Can't believe he's 3 months old and ours is 6 months. Man, time flies!!

    1. They will be off to school before we know it! :/

  3. Has it really been three months already! Don't blink!! I enjoyed reading your thankful list. Blessings abound!

  4. They really do when you take the time to be aware of them. Have a great weekend!


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