March 14, 2017

Snow Day!

What a blessing to know
this is so!
Good morning, beautiful! (And you are beautiful...own that!)  I am blessed to be off work today, thanks to winter storm Stella, who turned out to be not much of a storm here.  We were expecting up to a foot of snow in the ridges where my bus run is, so school was called off last night and I got to sleep in this morning.  Welcome back lost hour of sleep!

The puppies and I are enjoying snuggling up all toasty by the pellet stove.  They've been snoozing (and snoring in the big dog's case) and I've been catching up on Facebook.  I've also watched a live feed from the leader of a group dedicated to the intermittent fasting lifestyle.  I so want to do this.  I know several people who have had great success with weight loss and healthier living following the plan. I just have to take that first step and begin....not sure why I don't.

My plan today is to catch up on the laundry (is that even possible...I swear it breeds in the hamper!), clear the kitchen island of accumulated junk, watch a program or movie that my dear hubby has no interest in, sort through the stacks of old magazines I have (and clip pictures I want to save) and spend some time studying God's Word.  It sounds like a perfectly lovely and peaceful day to me.  I hope you find a bit of peace today, too, whether you have a snow day or not.


  1. Oh man... that sounds like the BEST snow day... if you gotta have snow, you might as well take care of things in the house & watch those shows that the hubby's could care less about.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog today!

    Your day sounds really perfect! Enjoy!

  3. Good for you having a snow day that turned out to be not so bad afterall!!


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