February 25, 2017

Saturday 9: I'll Be There

Saturday 9: I'll Be There (1992)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Mariah pledges to "have faith in all you do." Have you recently given someone support or a pep talk?

I am always giving my daughter pep talks and support.  She's young and emotional and sometimes I am just a shoulder for her to cry on, sometimes I try to convince her of the wisdom of taking a deep breath and stepping back for a bit, sometimes I actually give advice (not that she tends to take it).

2) Mariah was at the center of a controversy in Times Square on New Year's Eve when she had audio problems and claimed she could not perform. Times Square is at the busy intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue. If we went to the busy intersection nearest your home, what would we find? (A store? A church? McDonald's?)

The busiest one near me has a Sheetz (gas and convenience store), an auto repair place, an insurance agency, and a bank.

3) Her nickname in high school was Mirage because she cut school so often. Did you ever play hookey?

Who me??  (fluttering eyelashes and feigning innocence)

4) Mariah doesn't apologize for spoiling her dogs, who have been known to travel by limo. Do you know anyone who treats his/her pets like people?

I know a lot who do.  I don't go to the extremes that others do, but I've been known to have conversations with them and give explanations about why I have to leave like they understand.

5) Mariah has something to fall back on. She studied cosmetology and worked as a hair sweeper in a salon. When you get your hair cut, do you socialize with the stylist?

Sure.  We're Facebook friend, too.

6) When married to her first husband, Mariah went vegetarian. Tell us about last night's dinner. Would it qualify as a vegetarian meal?

No vegetarians here.  I had angel hair pasta with lagostinos in a garlic butter sauce last night.

7) This week's song was introduced by The Jackson 5. Think of your favorite Michael Jackson song. Did he record it solo or with his brothers?

It's actually this one.  We had it sung at our wedding.

8) In 1992, when this song was popular, The Mall of America opened. Located in Minnesota, it's the biggest mall in the nation, with more than 400 stores. Think about the last thing you purchased. Were you shopping out of necessity, or for fun?

Necessity.  I very rarely shop for fun.  I go because I have something specific I need to get.  I may buy other things while I am out, but I never say "Hey, let's go to the mall for fun."

9) Have you ever shoplifted? (Don't worry. We won't tell.) 


That's it for this week.  Please visit Sam @ Saturday 9 to join in the fun.


  1. Your answered reminded me: I have a romantic memory attached to this song, too. Sigh.

  2. Fun post. I enjoyed your answers. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I know someone who carries her miniature poodle around in a large pocketbook and you always see the dogs head popup look around and then go back inside.

    1. We tried that with my Poodle...just being silly. She didn't like it at all.

  4. I'm facebook friends with my hairdresser too. I enjoy here posts too :)

    1. Mine is young and edgy. Her last posts were about being a fire eater.

  5. I had to Google your dinner from last night... sounds yummy!

  6. I talk to all my pets and even to wild animals. Maybe it's the Native American in me. ;-)

    1. Could be. I don't have and Native American in me that I know of, but I've always been a bit of an "animal whisperer." When we were dating the Hubby called me Ellie May (Clampett).

  7. I am FB friends with my hairdresser, too! I talk to the deer outside. They come very close to the house and even if I am outside they will often come within 10 feet of me. So I talk to them. "Hello there, lovely. How are things going for you today?" City people would probably think I am nuts.

    1. That's neat that they will come that close. Do you have to worry about ticks with them in the yard? It is such a huge problem here...lots of lymes disease.


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