February 13, 2017

My Muse

When it comes to living a life of abundance there is one person, above all others, who showed me what that meant and is my inspiration.  My grandmother, Nana.  That's her in the photo with my grandfather on their wedding day in August of 1940.

Nana and I were very close, closer than my mom and I.  I adored her and treasured every moment with her and looked forward to my time with her with great anticipation.  Still, I never really appreciated the gift she gave me just by living her life with gratitude, enjoyment and joy in all things.  If there was ever anyone who personified the old saying "Take time to stop and smell the roses," it was her.

Since turning 50 and watching the nest empty out I've found that my thoughts turn often to my days at Nana's house and the lessons that I learned there.  It's my thought to share some of those things along the way on this blog.  I hope you'll enjoy the memories I share and maybe even learn a thing or two yourself about living abundantly.

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  1. We're empty nesters too. It's been almost 2 years for us. I do rather like it.


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