June 28, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Linking up with Rebecca Jo this rainy Thursday to show God a little love and appreciation for all the good things He has poured into my life.

This week I am thankful...

* First and foremost that closing on the house finally happened for the kids and they've moved most of their stuff in and begun the process of unpacking and making it a home. As an off-shoot of that, I'm grateful that all the rest of us survived their period of living in limbo without any horrible scenes brought on by stress.

* that we came through last night's tornado warning without seeing one. It's not unusual for our area to be under tornado watches or warnings, but last night was serious enough and close enough that the seek-shelter-immediately siren blew. That's pretty rare. Megan gets really nervous about bad weather so she called and bugged us until we agreed to go over to her house...where I went to the basement with her and Colton and Tim and Cody drove her anxiety through the roof by remaining on the porch to watch the storm. It got dark as night and there was a light rain, but that was it.

* for the mild weather we've been having. I'm soaking it all up so I can cling to the memories this weekend when it's supposed to get crazy hot and humid...my least favorite kind of weather. I'll be inside camped on the register blowing cold air. There will probably be a fan aimed in my direction, too.

* my husband hasn't managed to mess up his knee (that we know of) yet, even though he continues to do what he's not supposed to do yet and missed his first post surgery check-up on Tuesday. He's scheduled to go tomorrow morning. I wonder if they will bother sending him to therapy...or rather, if he will bother going? But yeah, I am thankful God protects fools.

* Our property taxes are paid. Yea! Always a relief when that's done.

* for the group of ladies doing the Beth Moore study on Thursdays. It's been such a blessing and honor to lead them and witness their growth as we've learned about the fruit of the Spirit. We've developed some very strong bonds of trust, too, and have a level of closeness that the other women from our Tuesday Bible study (who chose not to do this one) have missed out on. We feel like we are warring and as soldiers we've grown close just like real soldiers in the field. We KNOW we can trust and depend on each other.

* I'm leaving soon to meet up with two of my sisters-in-law for lunch at Olive Garden. I'm looking forward to it since we don't see each other often.

* all of you! Each one that passes through, whether you comment or not, you are a joy to me!


  1. Ahh - have fun with your SIL's - I need to start making it a habit to meet up with mine. I love my SIL's
    WHAT IS WITH MEN???? They always do what their NOT supposed to do, dont they? Just makes you want to hit them on the side of their head.

  2. I love Beth Moore Bible studies and have done many with our ladies group over the past years. I'm thinking about doing Lisa Harper's new one on Job with our group this fall. It sounds like a really good one.

    Hope you have fun at Olive Garden.

  3. I know it's going to be a LONG time before I get used to tornado alerts … that's probably my biggest fear, especially since we've no basement. Hope your ladies luncheon was great fun!

  4. Fingers crossed that your husband's knee continues to heal well.

  5. It is such a joy to read the thankful posts on Thursdays!! Yours are very special this week and I know getting the kids settled is a big one for you!! Wishing you a good weekend, with no emergency sirens blowing!!


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