April 15, 2018

April Challenge #15

Three pet peeves.

1.  People who forward all those chain letter type things via text or Facebook Messenger. Nothing is going to happen if you forward it to 42 of your closest acquaintances (except that you may expose them to being hacked or picking up a virus). Nothing will happen if you hit the delete button (except that you may keep your friends).

2.  When people don't say anything all day, but let me sit down to do something I enjoy and all of a sudden they have a million things to say. Then get all offended when I'm a bit put out.

3.  People who complain and moan about something just to show you they are just like you when you both know they are not.  Examples: Skinny people who complain about needing to lose weight or about not being able to gain any weight. Really??  Model-beautiful women complaining about how bad they look when you're over here with a ponytail that looks like it's been through a tornado and wearing the last clothes you had to wear until you do laundry.  Wealthy people who complain about how much their new BMW/boat/house/cruise cost.

1 comment:

  1. #1? ...AMEN!!! #2? ...Sounds like my hubby, lol! #3's a great perspective. So glad to have left that (her) behind in Phoenix!


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